February 8, 2013

Hi all!! New contributor Khai from Kool Kollectibles here :)

Hi everyone, I'm Khai, a new contributor to the awesome Teksushi blog. Just thought I'd quickly introduce myself before I start posting up some content. Well, you'll probably get my collecting mindset these days when I say I loved growing up in the 80s, so that's why I still live there!! :) As a kid, I loved watching all the classic Sat morning cartoons - Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Voltron, Centurions, Thundercats.....you name any kids cartoon back then, and I probably watched it! And going through school, I remember at least watching one of the original episodes of the Star Wars trilogy on the weekend too!

The main toys I had back then were my now vintage set of original G1 Transformers, some of which I still have to this day! But other than that, I wasn't really a collector until late 2011. The release of Star Wars saga on bluray really got my interest back into Star Wars, and after seeing all the Vintage Collection figures on toys shelves the previous year, I decided to get back in the game! Before I started buying, I watched heaps of review videos on youtube, and of course one reviewer stood out among many - flyguy.net, no doubt you all know of him :)

So flyguy pretty much sealed my fate and got me hooked on the TVC figures all the way through 2011 and 2012 until the most recent figures were finally released. But as I was going through 2012 with the TVC line, flyguy and many others were posting videos of awesome 1/6th scale figures from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, and I was inevitably sucked into another (hugely expensive) collecting world!! And from that point, my collection has grown in leaps and bounds that I never imagined it would!

To start sharing thoughts and news about figures, I started my own Kool Kollectibles youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ckly76 and Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/KoolKollectibles

Flyguy himself gave me some pointers to even start my own Kool Kollectibles blog and Google+ page, and I've now joined Teksushi to share even more news and collecting gossip with everyone. I hope to hear from all of you soon, and can't wait to start posting on the blog!
Thanks, Khai

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