February 7, 2013

Awesome Iron Man Revoltech, Star Wars, Spidey, GI JOE & More In Our @BigBadToyStore Newsletter

BigBadToyStore Cool new pre-orders and the latest arrivals!
TRANSFORMERS TRADING CARDS - CLOSEOUT! - SAVE 89% ON BOXES, SAVE 94% ON CARTONS!!  We’ve found an amazing deal on a beautiful set of Transformers Dark of the Moon Trading Cards and are passing the savings on to you. A box of 48 packs/ 288 cards is only $14.99 (Originally $144) and a giant Master Carton of 576 packs / 3456 cards is only $99.99 (Originally $1728!) The Master carton also includes a free Collector Card Album.
MOVIE MASTERPIECE GI JOE RETALIATION - STORM SHADOW 1/6 SCALE  Just listed! Hot Toys will be releasing a 1/6 Scale Storm Shadow figure from the upcoming GI Joe: Retaliation. The figure is listed at $204.99.
ASSASSIN'S CREED III SERIES 1 FIGURES - SET/SINGLES  We've just put up the new Assassin's Creed III figures from McFarlane. Included in the series 1 figures are Connor, Haytham Kenway, Ratonhnhaké:ton and a secret figure. The set is listed at $49.99 and the singles are $12.99.
GI JOE RETALIATION 3.75" FIGURE SERIES 03 - CASE, SET  We just got the OK from Hasbro for this wave of figures to go back up for pre-order. New figures in this assortment are Joe Colton, Cyber Ninja "Wraith", Red Cobra Trooper (Alley Viper), Dark Ninja Warrior and Lady Jaye, and we have them listed as a Set of 5 at $69.99. The Case adds figures like Flint, Snake Eyes, Firefly, Roadblock and more, and is priced at $114.99 for the Case of 12 figures.
GI JOE MICRO FORCE - STARTER, BLIND BAG  GI Joe is getting in to the micro figure game whose trail was recently blazed by the Star Wars Fighter Pods. Each mini figure comes with a base and each Booster Pack of 2 random figures will also include dice for playing the game, and we assume the Starter will also. We have the Starter Pack of 5 figures listed at $6.99, with single Blind Bag Boosters at $2.99 each, or a Box of 24 Blind bag Boosters at $69.99.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS CYBERVERSE VEHICLES SERIES 01 - CASE, SET, SINGLE  Two new Cyberverse Vehicles will soon be able to join your collection. The Case Assortment includes two of the Autobot Skyclaw with Smokescreen and one of the Apex Armor with Breakdown; this Case assortment is listed at $74.99. We also have the Set of one of each listed at $54.99, and singles available of the Autobot Skyclaw with Smokescreen, priced at $24.99.
STAR WARS 1/10 SCALE JANGO FETT "ATTACK OF THE CLONES" ARTFX+ STATUE  Kotobukiya's line of snap-together ArtFX+ Star Wars statues continues with the original template of the Clone Troopers, Jango Fett. He stands over 7" tall in his Mandalorian armor and is listed at $44.99, $5 off the MSRP.
STAR WARS EASYKIT RESTOCK  Revell's Easykit Model Kits are molded in colors and snap together, removing the need for glue or paints. We have a new shipment coming in that will include the AT-RT, the Y-Wing, Anakin's and Obi-Wan's Clone Wars Jedi Starfighters, the Magna Guard Fighter, the Republic Gunship, the V-19 Torrent and General Grievous' Starfighter; we have these kits listed at $17.99 - $24.99 each.
SPIDER-MAN 6" ULTIMATE CORE FIGURES - CASE, SET, SINGLE  This new assortment of basic Spider-Man figures includes four of Spider-Man with Giant Web and two each of Spider-Man with Electro-Web Launcher, Iron Spider-Man with Nano Claws and Nova with Supernova Blaster. The Case of 10 is listed at $134.99; we also have the four figures available as a Set for $54.99; singles of Spider-Man with Giant Web are also available, priced at $14.99.
KLINGON BIRD OF PREY EXCLUSIVE CLOAKED EDITION  This clear green version of the Bird of Prey comes from "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" and not only comes with a stand, but also includes lights, sound effects and dialogue from the movie. It measures 12.5" long with a wingspan of 19", and is listed at $69.99.
ST:TOS ART PRINTS SERIES 07 SET OF 4  This new assortment of prints includes ones for "Amok Time", "Day of the Dove", "Is There No Truth in Beauty?" and "Operation: Annihilate!". We have them listed at $34.99 for the Set.
NEW MARVEL BOWEN STATUES - TOMB OF DRACULA, BISHOP, NEO-CLASSIC IRON MAN  Three new Marvel Statues will soon be ready to join your collection. The 16" Tomb of Dracula statue from the 70's comics is listed at $724.99, with the Bishop 17" Statue at $264.99 and the 14" Neo-Classic Iron Man Statue at $224.99.
NEW BANDAI IMPORT FIGURES  A number of Gundam, Super Robot Chogokin and other figures are on their way. We have listings for Robot Damashii Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode), Robot Damashii Banshee Norn (Unicorn Mode), Super Robot Chogokin J-Decker, S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo, Tamashii Trident Support Stands, One Piece Figuarts Zero figures, Armor Girls Project Gundam Wing EW Version, a Reissue of GFF Psycho Gundam, Ultra-Act Father of Ultra and much more. All of these figures are available at the link, so be sure to check them out.
NEW IMPORT EXCLUSIVES  We also have a list of new exclusive items coming out of Japan. These include a D-Arts Metalgarurumon Digimon figure at $95.99, Smile PreCure Chibi Arts Kise Yayoi at $79.99, Figuarts Zero Aries Zodiarts and S.H. Figuarts Sagittarius Zodiarts at $84.99 each and S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Axe Form at $79.99.
UNCLE MILTON - MARVEL SCIENCE  Uncle Milton Industries is releasing a number of new science kits based on the Marvel Universe. These include a Thor Lightning Energy Hammer at $24.99, an Iron man Arc Reactor Lab at $27.99, a Spider-Man Web Creator Lab at $32.99 and more, so be sure to check out the entertaining and educational kits!
UNCLE MILTON - STAR WARS SCIENCE  We also have three new items under the Star Wars Science line. The Star Wars Infrared battle Trainer is priced at $37.99, with the Darth Vader Voice Lab at $32.99 and the Force Lightning Energy Ball at $27.99.
SAINT SEIYA ES GOKIN FIGURES  Fewture has started a new line of super deformed Saint Seiya ES Gokin figures. Pegasus Seiya and Eagle Marin each stand about 4.33" tall, and are priced at $29.99 apiece.
PERFECT EFFECT PE-DX02 ARANEA  This homage to a certain Decepticon femme fatale changes from motorcycle to spider to robot. She is done in her traditional black and purple color scheme with hot pink highlights and we have her listed at $99.99.
MASTER SWORD PERFECT WEAPON - PW-01 RED, PW-02 BLUE  Perfect Effect is releasing two new versions of the Master Sword. It can be used by Voyager-sized figures and up, and is modular so it can be used in a variety of ways. With the sword handle attachment) as opposed to the spear handle), it measures 45 cm long, and each version is listed at $54.99.
UNCHARTED 3 NATHAN DRAKE PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE  Sideshow has announced a new statue of Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3. This 16.5" piece shows Drake leaping over a low section of wall; he is dressed in a cloth costume and wears a simulated leather harness and holsters for his pistol. We have this piece listed at $349.99.
MY LITTLE PONY PLUSH BACKPACKS  Two new MLP backpacks are up for pre-order. Welovefine has created the Rainbow Dash and DJ Pon3 backpacks, and they are listed at $54.99 each.
1/400 SCALE SPACE SHUTTLE DISCOVERY WITH CRAWLER TRANSPORTER  Dragon has created this new die-cast collectible of the Space Shuttle Discovery. It is loaded with detail inside and out and comes with the booster rocket setup, all of which is loaded in the Crawler that was used to transport it tot he Gantry. This piece is listed at $89.99.
NEW PEGASUS HOBBIES MODEL KITS  An unlikely trio of new model kits has been listed for pre-order. We have the 1/9 Scale Tarzan Kit at $35.99, the 1/144 Scale Nautilus Kit at $65.99 and the 1/32 Scale Vermithrax Pre-Built Model Kit from "Dragonslayer" at $75.99.
NEW USAOPOLY GAMES - SCRABBLE, CLUE, MONOPOLY, MORE  A variety of games from new licenses are listed for pre-order. We have Mass Effect Galaxy at War Risk at $44.99, Adventure Time Monopoly at $35.99 and Memory Challenge at $17.99, The Big Bang Theory Clue at $36.99, Power Rangers Monopoly at $35.99 and Trivial Pursuit at $36.99, My Little Pony Memory Challenge at $17.99 and Monopoly at $39.99, The Hobbit Yahtzee at $23.99, World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit Quick Play at $23.99 and Dungeons and Dragons Clue at $36.99.
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO DVD  This Studio Ghibli film about the friendships between children and woodland creatures normal and fantastic is a great show for ages young and old alike. We have it listed at $33.99.
FURBY PARTY ROCKERS  Hasbro has a new line of Furbies on the way. The first assortment of Furby Party Rockers includes Fussby, Twittby, Loveby and Scoffby, and they are available at $24.99 each, or as a Case of 4 at $94.99.
NEW VANDOR ITEMS  Vandor has released information on another batch of items soon to be released. These include collapsible water bottles, tin totes, wall clocks, ceramic mugs, travel mugs and coaster sets from licenses like My Little Pony, Transformers, DC Comics, Star Trek and Star Wars.
TRANSFORMERS ASIAN EXCLUSIVE SEEKER SETS  Both the original trio (Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp) and the Coneheads (Ramjet, Dirge, Thrust) have been reissued in the form of Asian-exclusive Deluxe Henkei sets. We have both sets in stock now, priced at $129.99 each.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS CYBERVERSE COMMANDER SERIES 01 - CASE, SET, SINGLES  The first wave of Cyberverse Commander figures from the upcoming storyline includes three each of Optimus Prime and Predaking and two of Bulkhead; we have this Case of 8 listed at $74.99. We also have these figures listed as a Set of three at $32.99. Singles are available of Optimus Prime and Predaking, priced at $10.99 each.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS KRE-O SETS  We have stock available of three of the new KRE-O sets. Battle Net Bumblebee and Ripclaw Strike are each priced at $17.99, with Beast Blade Optimus Prime priced at $25.99.
STAR WARS INTERACTIVE R2-D2  This 15" tall R2-D2 can respond to all kinds of verbal commands with movement, sounds and more, as well as act as a guard sentry and other functions. He also has a utility Arm, removable Sensorscope and more, and is the perfect little buddy. This R2 unit is priced at $189.99 and is ready to join your collection and do whatever you need him to do.
STAR WARS 12" DEATH STAR DROID FIGURE  This chromed 12" replica of the original figure comes packaged in clamshell plastic and is listed at $67.99, $8 off the MSRP.
CLONE WARS R2-D2 5.5" MAQUETTE  This little droid ends up the star of any movie or show he appears in, and the Clone Wars cartoon is no exception. This piece stands 5.5" tall and is listed at $68.99, $7 off the MSRP.
SCI-FI REVOLTECH #042 IRON MAN MARK VII  The armor used by Tony Stark in "The Avengers" is the latest Sci-Fi Revoltech release. It includes alternate hands as repulsor blasts and is priced at $56.99.
STAR TREK LANDING PARTY THREE-PACK  This trio of replicas includes a Communicator, a Tricorder and a Phaser, and is perfect for role-play, costumes and more. We have this set listed at $99.99, $30 off the MSRP.
"GREMLINS 2": GRETA THE FEMALE GREMLIN 1:1 REPLICA  NECA's newest Stunt Puppet gremlin release is Greta the female gremlin (?) from "Gremlins 2". She is dressed in a leopard-print top and skirt, with a green wig and high heels, and comes with a stand. This figure is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and is listed at $239.99, $60 off the MSRP.
CAPTAIN MARVEL 14" STATUE  Bowen's latest release is this 14" statue of Captain Marvel. The Kree warrior is shown lifting off from a purple planetoid, and we have the statue listed at $224.99.
HEADROBOTS DRONE UPGRADE SET  You can use the Tomahawk figure (sold separately) and this set to create a new Classics-type version of Whirl. The set includes a new head, new feet, ski attachments, null boxes and a pair of new guns. This Upgrade Kit is priced at $34.99.
BEELZEBOSS CUSTOM KITS - GROWING PAINS COMIC VERSION, HEROIC DUO VERSION 2.0  The first of two new kits from Beelzeboss is the Growing Pains Custom Kit - Marvel Comics Color Scheme Version. It is limited to 200 pieces and contains a new head sculpt as well as twin pistols for Bumblebee; this set is listed at $25.99. We also have the new Heroic Duo Custom Kit Version 2.0, with all manner of upgrades for Sideswipe and Red Alert, and even a new head sculpt for Red Alert. This set is listed at $33.99.
TP-05 PRIME SWORD (BLUE)  Dr. Wu's latest release is a die-cast silver sword with gold-ish pommel and blue crystals in the center of the Matrix piece. This sword is listed at $14.99.

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