January 17, 2013

Man Of Steel - Jor El Hot Toy?


Some small spoilers in this article!!!! Stop reading if you don't want to know!

As many of you are a where, The new Superman movie The Man Of Steel is soon to hit theatres. In the new movie Russell Crowe plays Supermans dad, Jor El. Since we have seen the Hot Toys teaser pictures it has hotly been debated whether the purple/red cape was in fact Jor El's or the man of steel's. By the looks of things and the posts of all the guys who would know, it has been decided that it is Jor El. So this brings me to my question. Who would actually buy this? I love Hot Toys myself but not sure I would have him. Go to our FACEBOOK page and tell us.

What I do like is the fact that Hot Toys are looking at lesser characters to make. This is good personally as I feel it really rounds out a collection. A great example of this is the Avenger Hot Toys and the ability to get an Agent Coulson and the teased Bruce Banner. Bring on Alfred! Joking! Anyway stay tuned for some more Hot Toys love coming up as they soom to be revealing more each day. Also we will get back into the cool collectible and Toy stuff very soon.

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