November 24, 2012

Marvel Toys 2013 News!


Here are some descriptions for Hasbro Marvel Toys rumored for 2013. So far there is no information for future of Marvel Universe/Legends assortments but anything can happen when it comes to Hasbro and we have Toy Fair early into 2013 for more exciting news. These reveils are strongly aimed at the Kid focus of toys but I'm sure there is something here for ever collector.

Hasbro Avengers Assemble

- 3.75 scale

- Animated style

- 15 figures

- Blister packaging

- Wave 1- January, Wave 2- February, Wave 3 March

Iron Man 3 Iron Assemblers

- 14 connectable figures

- Wave 1- February, Wave 2- March, Wave 3- April

Iron Man 3 Iron Assemblers Battle Vehicle

- Compatible with almost all Iron Assemblers figures

- 1st one out in February


Iron Man 3 10 Inch Arch Strike Figures

- True flight simulation

- Flight mode & battle mode

- Head tilts back for flight mode

- Unique lights, movie phrases and light patterns

Iron Man & Iron Patriot scheduled for a February 2013 release

Iron Man 3 12 Inch Hero Series -"Pull these vehicles back to send it off into action and transformation into a 12 inch scale figure with 3 points of articulation and limited deco. Iron Man hits in - - February and Iron Patriot hits in May."

Iron Man 3 Role Play Toys - "There will also be role play (of course) with an Arc FX Glow in the Dark Mask for Iron Man and Iron Patriot (march), A Mission Mask with Arc Infusion power up effects and dramatic weapons reveal..pop-out missile projectiles on each side, targeting light, SFX and light-up eyes! 4 missiles included (Feb)...and an FX Gauntlet with Arc - Infused power up blasting featuring motorized disc shooting (comes with 10 disks) (Jan 2013). "

Ultimate Spiderman 6 Inch Figures

- Accessory heavy

- Projectile launchers

- Removable armor

Ultimate Spiderman Power Webs Figures

- 3.75 scale

- Power Webs feature a unique action accessory

Heroes & Villains

- Launches February 2013

Ultimate Spiderman Electroweb Spiderman - "10 inch Electroweb Spider-Man: features an electro-shock web gauntlet with electric sound and light effects. Speaks phrases right from the cartoon. Jan 2013"

Spiderman Power Webs Spider Cycle - "Launch Spider-Man into battle with the iconic Spider Cycle powered by Power Webs! The Spider Cycle includes a 3 and 3 quarter inch power webs figure with action accessory and stunt ramp for all the coolest tricks. Removable stunt ring ensures optimal landing performance."

Ultimate Spiderman Spider Pods - "Ultimate Spider-Man Spider Pods: Blind Bags (1 figure and 1 pod) Jan 2013, Starter Kit includes 4 figures, 2 pods and a launcher (also Jan 2013), Battle pack comes with 6 figures, 2 pods and a launcher (March 2013), Deluxe Pack Set includes 9 figures, 3 pods and a deluxe vehicle launcher (March 2013) If you can squint as well as I can, you'll see characters include Spider-Man, Hulk, Dr. Doom, Sandman, The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter, Goblin, Power Man, Iron Fist, Thor, Iron Spider-Man, J.Johnah Jameson, Nick Fury, Venom, Rhino, Doc Ock, The Beatle and Iron Man. "

Now I know Fly will be interested in the Pods! Well I'm guessing anyway. Hopefully there is some good news for all the Marvel collectors here.