May 20, 2014

Unreleased Marvel Legends Irritation! Part 2

Hey guys, this is GLJossan, one of the editors from FLYGUY. I usually run an article there about Power of the Fans. But today, I bring you something that I've been needing to get off my chest about Marvel Legends that I'd like to call "Unreleased Irritation".

This time, it's part 2! We're talking unreleased series' today! Click Here for Part 1.

If you've been paying attention, we got this awesome X-Men set coming out soon with a Build-A-Figure Jubilee! Well, that Jubilee figure was actually supposed to be out in 2013, sadly we don't have any pictures of our own of this set that was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2013, but you can easily find it if you just search Marvel Legends Jubilee. And this set, wow, this set was amazing! It had a line up consisting of Agent Venom, Marvel NOW Thor, Batroc (Blizzard variant figure), Tiger Shark (Radioactive Man variant), Moonstone (Songbird variant)! This was the first time in a LONG time I've wanted an entire series of figures, regulars and variants! Sadly, they never saw the light of day.

Also at SDCC13 was a third part to the Iron Man 3 series, this one containing Rescue (with interchangeable Pepper Potts and helmeted heads), movie Mandarin, and movie War Machine! I kind of wonder if they were to come with some sort of BAF pieces of some sort or not, seems odd, would have been cool if they like came with a Tony Stark BAF. (Mind you that's only my own wishful thinking and was never even a rumored or anything.) But luckily for you guys, we DO have pictures of this set!

Unreleased Iron Man 3 Wave part 3.

There is one set though I wanna talk about that wasn't released, but this one isn't from 2013 like the other sets, It's all the figures that Hasbro made Prototypes of, showed at SDCC over the years but never released because they made people vote for who they wanted, a lot of them did get released, but a lot that did got completely different parts that were more 'stock' parts rather then the unique ones on the original prototype.

Here's first the list of figures that were actually released later on that lost the votes:
- X-Force Wolverine (improved, the original was a straight repaint of ML6 with Bullseye lower legs including the boots. - 2009)
- Magneto (again improvement, this one huge, they were going to give him a whole new body that just was anatomically incorrect atrocity - 2008)
- X-Force Warpath (Released with one of the winners that year, Deadpool, tiny improvement, changed the torso from the Hulkling one - 2009)
- Fantomex (this one hurts to much, cause the original prototype was great, it was all white and used the Bullseye body, whole new head. - 2009)
- Savage Hulk (Released with one of the winners that year, Valkyrie, remaining unchanged)
- Constrictor (this one had the same body as Klaw, though had a different head from what was released, this one with a serious face. - 2009)
- White Phoenix (Different Head and hands, oh, wait that's right, they didn't actually release it... - 2009)

Here's a list of who won, but got changed!
- Deadpool (This one looks so much better than what was released, different head, different thighs, different harness and belt!)
- Black Widow (the prototype was 'zipped up' and had a completely different head, wrist bands, and belt.)

Here's a list of what will probably never see the light of day because they lost.
- Northstar (Part of a vote where only one figure would win with Aurora in the same group of figures, What the heck Hasbro!? The usual Bullseye body thing that Hasbro was doing at the time - 2008)
- Aurora (See above, and whole new body - 2008)
- Silver Samurai (Yeah, that's right, we could have had Silver ~freakin'~ Samurai! - 2008)
- Classic Storm (Again, amazing figure, mostly new mold. - 2008)
- Yellow and Blue Gambit (X-Men Classics head jacket and arms with the rest being Bullseye including the boots. - 2008)
- Lilandra (C'mon! This would have been a solid series, completely new body - 2008)
- White Phoenix (That's right, they jipped us out of it twice, do you really think we're ever really going to get it?. - 2009)
- Terror ( D-List Anti-hero, 'nuff said, it was a cool figure though, Nemesis wave Punisher body, with Hasbro Dr. Doom left arm. - 2009)
- Nuke (Yeah, another D-Lister, but still a demand for him, but it's unlikely we'll see him, Crossbones repaint with new head and minigun. - 2009)
- The Amazing Bag-Man (High Demand, but unlikely that Hasbro will give it to us. - 2009)
- Bi Beast (nothing to say, I'm sure you're all familiar with this one with how often people moan about it. - 2009)
- Brother Voo-Doo (Awesome figure, mostly new parts, sadly another D-Lister we will never see, but would totally geek out if they did. - 2009)
- Multiple Man (Ultimate Nick Fury with different head and hands, awesome looking figure, and despite the high demand for this obvious army builder, we'll probably never get it.)
- The Hood (At the time, this was a heavy hitter, he had his hands in everything going on in the marvel universe that the time, but now he's kind of fallen by the way side. Suffers from the curse of Ultimate Nick Fury with a Hasbro Dr. Doom cape and short jacket. - 2009)
- Lady Bullseye (Eeeh, She was relevant then,but these days, repainted Hasbro Electra Body with different head. - 2009)
- Modern Havok (Pretty cool figure, same exact body as Red Hulk series Spider-Man with a different head, the look is now outdated. - 2009)
- Classic Miss Marvel ( Repainted Hasbro Electra with the Female Shield Agent feet and a scarf for her neck, it even has the same head! I hope we see an improved version of this some day. - 2009)

Credit for the pictures in the links above go to Toyfare Magazine and

Anyway guys, that's my rant for today, hope you all enjoyed this one!

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