April 25, 2014

Marvel Legends Unreleased Irritation!

Hey guys, this is GLJossan, one of the editors from FLYGUY. I usually run an article there about Power of the Fans. But today, I bring you something that I've been needing to get off my chest about Marvel Legends that I'd like to call "Unreleased Irritation".

I went to Toyfair 2013 for FLYGUY as well as here at TekSushi, and I was practically drooling over some of the variants, most notable for me were "Classic" Hawkeye and Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey. Marvel Legends had a HUGE section at Hasbro's Toyfair showing last year.

Unreleased "Classic" Hawkeye Variant and Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey Variant from the Rocket Raccoon Wave.

But these are only TWO of the ELEVEN unreleased variants that were shown there, as a matter of fact in the entire year of 2013, not a single variant was actually released in stores. Sure you can find some on eBay from Hong Kong, but those aren't actual releases, you'll never find them on card. Now, normally I tend to pass on most variants, but this entire year had me salivating over them, so much amazing stuff! You should have heard me when I got back home that night while talking to Flyguy him self, I just gushed on and on about everything!

Unreleased Bulldozer Variant and White Phoenix Jean Grey Variant from the Rocket Raccoon Wave

What makes matters worse, is there were a total of four variants from this wave, one I'm sure many are actually quite annoyed got cancelled, because their wrecking crew will now remain incomplete. As well as a second Jean Grey variant, a certain white flaming bird.

Unreleased Avengers vs X-Men Phoenix Cyclops Variant and Rogue Variant from the Puck wave

Okay, now we've got another set here, and another set of variants I gushed over, the Puck wave, it was a great all around set! you get a modern Sabretooth, a amazing looking Emma Frost that puts Hasbro's old one to shame, a new Astonishing X-Men Cyclops, awesome Wolverine repaint and of course the most bad-***, mustachio wielding, Canadian, short man him self, Puck! And hey they're going to release this awesome Rogue, who needed a new figure more than anyone of the other four! And of course, they cancel her as well as Cyclops, which I could understand that one, I mean as much as I like the look and wanted the figure, wasn't exactly an iconic look by any means.

Iron Fist Variant and X-Force Archangel Variant from Hit Monkey wave

The Hit Monkey wave is another with four unreleased variants! Awesome Iron fist, though could do with out the Spider-Man/Doctor Strange hand, and I have been dying to get my hands on this Archangel, when I found out it was going to be released as a variant, I was really excited! I have to say, this has been a serious let down Hasbro.

Savage She-hulk Variant and Sentry Variant from Hit Monkey wave

And here are another two figures from the Hit Monkey wave, Savage She-Hulk and Sentry! I thought the Toy Biz Sentry kind of blew, so I was excited to see this, though the belt... could have gone with out the glowing, but either way I still love the figure and would have preferred it to the figure who was released (Hyperion).

Golden Ultron from Iron Man 3 Iron Monger wave pt. 2

And here we have out last unreleased 2013 variant, Golden Ultron based on his appearance in the Age of Ultron Story Arc. He was originally slated to be a part of the Iron Man 3 Iron Monger wave. You can find this bad boy loose on eBay sure, as well as is now available for Marvel Comics "Annual Plus" digital subscription (only available in the US), but it will cost you an arm and a leg. He is number eleven of the unreleased variants.

I mean yeah, okay we've seen variants cancelled before, but that's usually like one or two in an entire year. I think 2013 will go down in infamy, because I've only got to talking about the variants and there is a lot more than just variants that weren't released in 2013 that was supposed to be.

Keep a look out for Part Two, where I go over two or three wave from 2013 that were completely cancelled!

Until next time, Power to the Fans,


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