June 3, 2013

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow! GI JOE KRE-O Ninja Temple Battle A3362 HD Set Review

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Love this set, especially when you get both Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow!

Build the best G.I. Joe adventures with this awesome Ninja Temple Battle Construction Set! Use the 108 pieces in this set to build a Ninja Temple and start the battle between your Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and 2 Ninja Viper Kreon figures! They’ll fight for possession of the secret scroll and use the spinning training device to sharpen their ninja sword skills.

Get the G.I. Joe battle going with this Ninja Temple Battle set! Includes 108 pieces, 4 Kreon figures 2 Ninja Viper figures will battle with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow figures. Figures come with swords. Secret scroll, Spinning training device and instructions. Building set works with major brands.

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