June 3, 2013

GI JOE KRE-O A3361 Check Point Alpha With Firefly HD Action Figure Review

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Lego have competition!

Build the best G.I. Joe adventures with this awesome Checkpoint Alpha Construction Set! Use the 83 pieces in this set to build a Checkpoint Alpha station and put your Law & Order human and dog Kreon figures on watch! Will they be ready when your Firefly Kreon figure attacks on his motorcycle and tosses his bomb accessory from his pack?

Fire the missile from the station and get the G.I. Joe battle going with this Checkpoint Alpha set! Includes 83 pieces, 3 Kreon figures Put your Firefly Kreon figure on his motorcycle. Law & Order Kreon commando and dog figures! Figures come with weapons and instructions. Building set works with major brands.

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