January 23, 2013

UK Toy Fair Superheroes Lego News


UK toy fair has just been run. Unfortunately again Lego was a little hesitant to give any clues about any of the up coming sets. Some lucky person from the website FBTB was lucky enough to see what they had hiding. I've tried to link up what we know the sets will be from BRICKSET to what was posted on FBTB

April - Iron Man 3 …

76006 named as Iron Man Extremis … includes figures Iron Man, War Machine and Aldrich Killian. Price Point is £19.99.

76007 named as Marvel 4 … includes figures Tony Stark, Pepper Potts (exclusive to that set), Mk42 Iron Man, The Mandarin and another, as yet un named, figure! Price Point is £34.99

76998 as yet unamed … includes an exclusive Iron Man and The Mandarin. Price point is £11.99.

May - Superman Man of Steel

76002 named as Superman Metropolis Showdaown … includes Superman and General Zod minifigures. Price point £11.99.

76003 named as Superman Battle Of Smallville … includes Superman, Colonel Hardy, General Zod, Faora and Lorvan ? Price Point £39.99

76009 named as Superman Black Zero Escape … includes an exclusive Lois Lane, Superman and General Zod. Price point £19.99.

Now some of these names don't match up well against the minifigs that are to come in the sets. In saying this we havent seen the movies or the sets so they may just be correct or working titles etc. Still its nice to know what minifigs we maybe seeing very soon in the distant future.

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