December 29, 2012

Unmasked Spiderman from the Amazing Spider-man Studio Series is on its way.


A picture has turned up on the web from robotkingdom for the next wave of the Amazing Spider-man Studio Series Figures Wave 2.

  • Ultimate Spiderman - Comic series
  • Spiderman - Movie series
  • Lizard - Movie series
  • Unmasked Spiderman - Movie series: This Unmasked version comes with :- Alternate masked Spiderman head with Skateboard & backpack(which cannot open) with strap to store skateboard. Incls Display stand which can connect to other stands. 
Unfortunately the latter is the only new figure in Amazing Spider-man Studio Series Wave 2. The only differences between this figure and the previous Spider-man figure(aside from the unmasked head with Andrew Garfield likeness) are the accessories and different hands. Also this one lacks the web line accessories.

Keep an eye out spider-man fans and happy hunting!

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