December 28, 2012

FREE Domestic Shipping Ends Soon! GI JOE Wave 2, Marvel, Star Wars & More All @DorksideToys

Whats in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at 

free shipping at dorkside
You can still get free US Domestic shipping on orders over $50! Valid thru Dec 31st 2012. *Terms apply.

Stock of the of the last wave of the Vintage collection is reducing as people realise when it's's gone!
Lumat, Weequay, Prune face, Ahsoka, Royal Guard and more are still in stock.... Lots of Clone Wars classics, 'Greatest hits' & older vintage collection in store too.

If you have carded figures, then you need some protective cases before you checkout. A lot of our customers once they buy these swear by them! Keep your older figures dust free, smooth out bends and creases with a quality display case your figures deserve...

MARVEL @DorksideToys
Marvel is in the house! Lots of new Universe comic packs, single figures, pre-roders and many more classic like Silver surfer are restocked.  Marvel Legends, Marvel Select and Legends are fully stocked, plus new pre-orders.

GI JOE   Lots of GI JOE's in stock with fresh boxes of older figures, all ready to ship and well as GI JOE Retaliation wave 1 & some BRAND NEW wave 2 pre-orders.

ON CLEARANCE   We have epic figures we need to clear; for example Vintage Barriss Offee is only $3.99! Great GI JOE's, Marvel and more. Pick up a bargain.

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Out and about? Not a problem! Our full store and catalogue, gift certificates & wish list is also available on mobile. Just head to our website on any mobile device where the responsive design of our store will display the correct version.

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Happy new year when it comes, and have an excellent 2013!
Team Dorkside

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