June 15, 2015

TekSushi Becomes Integrated With Our Big Brother Site FLYGUY

Some changes afoot at TekSushi and our social channels, all of which are on the move.

Many years ago Marvel really made a deep impression on me, in particular with the launch of the Iron Man movie franchise. Since that helped successfully reboot their entire business, we've gotten a lot more cool toys. So whilst Star Wars remains as my core interest, there are a lot of Marvel toys & product out there to review and discuss. Not only just Marvel though, DC with Batman, Arrow & the Flash have become excellent movies and shows respectively. I've always also liked GI JOE, some non Star Wars LEGO and well, look you probably know I'm a huge toy geek and I love talking about this stuff regardless.

Back when we are about to start, many wanted the product line streams separate. However I think things have changed, especially with house of mouse having both Marvel & Star Wars under one roof.  Some won't like the streams crossed but whatever, it's happening! Deadpool & Fett go together!

So myself and and others, started an outlet for that other non Star Wars collecting stream, which became TekSushi, and considering how little time we've all had to put in to it with our busy lives, I've been very happy with our reviews, podcasts and posts. We made just under 500 videos and podcasts, and several thousand subscribers as well as millions of views of posts and more. Considering we did this for fun, shits and giggles, we had a lot of laughs. However, trying to run in your spare time two YouTube channels, two web sites, two Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblrs and Instagrams is exhausting.

So a merge is sensible and underway and the TekSushi YouTube channel will remain available and archived for now, but all other channels will begin to port across to FLYGUY where it's all about to get even fatter and juicier with more toy content. If you're not yet a FLYGUY YouTube subscriber click the button below to continue to get Marvel, DC, LEGO, Sideshow, Hot Toys and other reviews.

My thanks to all who have commented, supported, subscribed and watched - thank you! Some extra special thanks go to FX Franz (You da man dude. Seriously!), Ashrok (Always a hoot and a half), DC (my Bestie from down under and Hot Toys/batfreak!) Eddie (Thanks for..well, everything!), Khai (Once a padawan, now you are the master!), GL Jossan( Mr NY ToyFair and Legends fanboy!) & more who have all contributed in one way or another. It's been fun.

Now time to cross the streams.


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