May 1, 2015

SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark XLV Aka Bleeding Edge Mark 45 Armour Images & Info

Having just seen and enjoyed The Avengers Age Of Ultron, my Iron man (and war machine/Hulkbuster) fetish is in full swing. Several press magazines and sites have shown the first mark 45 armour to be made as a figure, which is by SH Figuarts.

I just am loving that new semi hexagonal ARC reactor shape above, such cool design. As usual S.H Figurarts make this look great with dynamic poses and this looks like the beginning of the bleeding edge armour coming in with small circular rings in key places.

Their Iron Man Mark XLV is about 6″ tall and has die-cast parts amongst the standard plastic elements. On sale in japanese stores for approx  ¥6,300 which is around $53 + shipping. Anywhere for $80 ish is a good deal. View the full image gallery for SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark XLV

Although this is Not yet available at sites in English I can see but you can pick up the awesome S.H figurarts Mark 43 which has had rave reviews for a great price and in some ways I think is a better armour overall.

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