April 5, 2015

New Marvel Infinite Avengers Are Now Available; Armored Daredevil, Thunderstrike, Doc Ock & More

New Marvel Infinite Avengers 3.75" now up for pre-order over at Dorksidetoys...
Great to see Marvel infinite avengers trucking along even though Star Wars has kinda floundered recently in this scale. 

My top choices I'm looking forward to are armored Daredevil. Just in time for the Netflix show...

Doc Ock back again and am really liking this guy, straight off the older comics.

And I missed out the last time on the Ultimate Spider-man which I'm looking forward too.

Thunderstrike, Shanna and Vulture round out the pack. Vulture I personally just don't get. Who wants and old bald guy with a skin tight leotard in their collection?! never got that character, but certainly Thunderstrike and Shanna do look like good figures even though I am new to them as characters.

Plus bonus is no real issues with limited articulation on this run which is nice to see. If you'd prefer Dorksidetoys also have the figures up as a solid 12 pack with two of each figure. All are due April.

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