March 30, 2015

Another MarveliciousToys Podcast Devoured. We Are Groot! Download Or Watch Issue #139.

Had a blast watching so many of the +Marvelicious Toys Podcasts recently and this one is no exception...

A big fan of the video version (no idea why they don't have these on YouTube though) but still a great show and well edited so you get to see that is discussed.

In this issue they discuss Reports from Indiana Comic-con and the St. Louis Toy Man Toy Show, new toys hitting stores, and more! In two months Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters--but the toys are here! New figures are hitting stores harder than a Hulkbuster hits a Hulk! Marvel Legends, Funko POP! vinyls and Dorbs, and more are at retail--and in collectors' hands! On this Marvelicious Toys hosts Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie run down their latest finds and tell you the best places to shop for the newest figures!

It's not just the stores getting hit, online sales are burning up! Hot Toys has released their Hawkeye and Black Widow figures from Age of Ultron, plus a series of Cosbabies from the new film! Plus Iron Man III armors still showing up, and more!

With a report from the Indiana Comic-Con, a Rocket Raccoon sighting at the Toy Man Toy Show, and a slip of the tongue you won't soon forget, it's all in this episode of Marvelicious Toys.

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