February 8, 2015

Sought After Deadpool Variant Comic Covers & Where I Now Get All My Comics.

This had to be had, and I was quick off the mark to score this. You might want to pre-order this quickly...

So Marvel's Secret Wars is returning in April and a number of different variant covers will be hitting stores, or as I found out, (with one of my ultra lame local comic shops) likely not at all. One less inspiring Deadpool cover below will also be out, but its that action figure cover that does it for me.

Some shops will just never get these at all. Some stores are lazy and have no interest in you unless you sign up for eight or more issues per month. Not hard to do, but I wanted variant covers only! Cue big fail for my local comic shop.

Variant covers are the relatively new way for scalpers to make a lot of money. And for comic stores and makers to rake in the cash too I guess. 

Variants have been going on for years but recently with Star Wars 100+ variants, my comic addiction has returned (Gee Thanks Corey & Jayson!) and I have found it crazy to track down the issues I wanted for reasonable prices as these damn covers are really silly money prices in most places.

This Deadpool Taco time gem below, or the Detective Comics Inspired cover regularly goes for approx $120 & $75 respectively!

Thankfully the awesome Midtown Comics have stepped in and saved the day and made a loyal customer already. All issues bagged and boarded, they stock a ton of variants, encourage lots of pre-orders, have a great website and all listed with grades at awesome prices. They have really helped me collect some of the really hard to find variants I needed (including some of those Star Wars figure covers) for a reasonable price. Check them out and tell them we sent you!

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