January 21, 2015

New Marvel POP Vinyls & Keychains For Age Of Ultron Are Very Tempting Plus Why Some Licenses Are Bobble Heads.

As an Iron Man fanatic I was really impressed with the recent releases of the Avengers Age OF Ultron POP Vinyls and Pocket POP! Key chains, bit why still the bobble head on these larger POP! figures?

What I never realised was this was down to licensing.

And much like Marvel or Star Wars LEGO magnets where minifigs cant be released on their own. (As Hasbro has the license for scale and figure) Therefore LEGO circumvent this by screwing and gluing minifigs to magnets. Funko does the same with POP! and that's why we get Bobble heads. 

I knew this for LEGO but just did not click until a colleague reminded me yesterday, so whilst this puts me off a little, (as I know a lot of people don't like the bobble aspect) these POP! look great and the keychains are not bobble heads. 

End result, I'll have a few Funko products soon : ) My favourites from the range below, but make sure you check out the full Avengers Age OF Ultron POP Vinyls and Pocket POP! Key chains.

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