January 6, 2015

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Nightmare on Elm St Freddy

Hey everyone, it's Khai from Kool Kollectibles back again for another Kotobukiya statue review! Kotobukiya continue to push the boundaries with their statues, and diversify their characters into material they haven't traditionally dealt with. When I first saw the teaser artwork for their versions of the classic horror movies in Nightmare on Elm St and Friday the 13th, I knew I had to have them!

And the final result is even better than I expected! They have released an incredibly gorgeous statue that has little details that elevate it above most in this price range.

For my full video review, check out the video link below at the Kool Kollectibles YouTube channel. Hope you can subscribe, like, and comment with your thoughts on this gorgeous killer of a statue ;) Read on below for more of my thoughts and photos.

As soon as you take this out of the box, you're immediately amazed at all the little details, from the sculpting to the paint app to the use of different materials!

First up, the base is different to other Bishoujos in that this time Kotobukiya have opted for a magnetic base. This is similar to the technique they use with their ArtFX+ statues, but usually they use pegs for Bishoujos. This time the base is a nice pool of blood with a metal strip underneath, which allows the magnets in the feet to hold to the base quite firmly.

The face sculpt and skin tone is perfect, and fits in with the rest of the Bishoujo look of these statues. I particularly love the paint used for the eyes and lips that give her a really sexy look. The hair is made from a transluscent plastic similar to that used for the Mara Jade statue, but of course blonde this time. The sulpting of the hair flows beautifully and gives great dynamism to the sculpt.

The gloved claws and right forearm are a softer material and can be moved slightly. But the leather look on the glove and metallic sheen on the claws is nicely done, and look great in that playful gesture.

The tattered shirt is also nicely sculpted, with tears and folds in all the right places. Of course being a Bishoujo there's the obligatory fan service with the revealing bra that suits the playful and sexy look of the character.

Perhaps the best part of the statue for me, which was a surprise, is the fishnet stocking on the left leg. I thought it would be a painted application, but is actually real fabric material fitted over the leg! It's such a nice touch and really makes this statue shine against others in this price range.

The right leg stocking is still molded though, but fits in nicely with the sculpted boots. Together, the look is very nice indeed!

Of course the fan service then extends to her shorts that don't leave much to the imagination! The molded denim is really nicely painted and sculpted. Previously I thought the Mara Jade statue had the best backside in the galaxy, but I think this Freddy here definitely has her beat! :)

The extra details in the scratches and blood streaks add a nice touch along her shoulder and thigh. The red is sharply applied with no real smearing at all, which is why Kotobukiya are known for such great paint application.

Together with the upcoming Jason statue from Friday the 13th, these two will make for an awesome display piece in any collection. If you're a fan of the horror movies, these will definitely make for a unique interpretation of the characters. A mix of horror, sexiness, and Japanese anime fan service combine to make one gorgeous statue that I highly recommend :)

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