December 23, 2014

Iron Man 3 Hot Toys Heartbreaker Shipping Still Available (Mines Arrived Already!) Plus Get 20% Off Red Snapper.

The New HeartBreaker is a thing of beauty. While not die cast (my wallet is grateful) this is still an amazing build by Hot Toys. Not without it's flaws, (what is going on with thise non lighht up bases) it's a unique enough build to be one you need to add to your list. Review to follow on your YouTube channel.

Still not got yours? Grab it by clicking the image below.

If you also haven't yet picked up the beast that is Red Snapper, Sideshow are giving a huge 20% off right now using promo code 'SNAPPPER'. Just click below and add the code at checkout to get Red Snapper with 20% off the final price. Be quick to 'snap' it up : )

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