August 31, 2014

Is Marvel Unlimited Worth It Yet? Sadly, Still I Don't Think So.

I've always been tempted by Marvel unlimited. At first glance it seems good, but there are too many asterisks and small print for me. As usual with media companies these days DRM is riddled everywhere.
Firstly a lot of items are geographically restricted. No free repainted rocket figure or comic extra for you guys outside the USA.

Secondly you can only store 12 comics on your device at one time for offline viewing. I could read that in an hour so long commutes are out. Add in some so-so discounts at the marvel shop on limited and already expensive products, and it's okay, but not a great feature. You do get a variant comic which is not bad but not a showstopper.

Now I could live with all that and would subscribe right there, but here's the real clinch (I'm paraphrasing): "most major titles will be available six months after their print release date"

Even pirates have these things scanned and up on the same day of release but people who pay wait six months? Either go full digital, up the price to cover your costs or don't Marvel, get the access to comics in fans hands now.

Or like the music and movie industry, let it all slip out your hands...

What's your thoughts? Digital comics, ya or nay? Do you think this is a good deal?

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