May 25, 2014

MAFEX Joker, X-Men Legends, Guardians Mystery Minis, Black Series 6" Anakin $14.99, Biker Scouts, Plus More In Our @Dorksidetoys Newsletter

X-Men Marvel Legends, MAFEX Joker, Jabba The Hutt & Speeder Bikes, are just some of our current hot ticket items, so check out all that's in stock this week, and available for pre-order at

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If you pay by credit card,  then we do NOT ship until items arrive, so lock in those deluxe Speeder Bikes & Biker Scout at $39.99 each here at Dorksidetoys now. We also have other waves of black series 3.75" as well as other 6" inch figures including Anakin for only $14.99!  We have waves, singles, doubles, and complete cases on figures for pre-order.  
Several loose figures are back too, available to everyone, but especially for our UK/EUR customers as these carry lower postage costs. Check them out.

Star Wars Black Series 6" Deluxe Jabba & Speederbike Case PackStar Wars Black Series 6" Anakin Skywalker Action Figure

X-Men Marvel Legends are previews exclusives which are now available for pre-order along with The Guardians Of The Galaxy Legends from $12.99. Cool Captain America Winter Soldier Legends figures too, and many more Marvel Legends from only $7.99Plus check out Marvel  Minis, classic Marvel Universe, Iron Man & many more in our Marvel super section.  

Marvel X-Men Legends Previews Exclusive Set of 5 Assortment
2014 Marvel Captain America 2 Infinite Legends Winter Soldier Action FigureFunko Marvel Guardians of Galaxy Mystery Mini Case of 12 Display Box

With some of your favourite characters from just about every franchise available, Retro reaction figures just about cover it. From BTTF to Goonies, The Terminator, Predator, Buffy, Pulp Fiction and more...

From Comic to TV, from Bobble heads to vinyl collectibles, we have plenty of characters, comic packs, and many varied brand new super deformed awesome Walking Dead Funko figures.brand new figures are up for pre-order from the comic and TV series and lots of price reductions across some key figures, with waves starting at only $29.99 for four figures and some singles at $6.99! Two new waves listed too, comic and TV waves, including the unannounced Governor figure. 

The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Set of 5 Action Figures McFarlane Toys



Brand New MAFEX Dark Knight Joker is up for pre-order plus Arkham Asylum, City & retro cool Batman 1966 carded or loose heroes & villains.  Don't forget the cool Fabrikations & NECA 1/4 scale Joker Dark Knight & Batman Arkham origins figures. 

Medicom Mafex Previews Exclusive The Dark Knight Joker
NECA 1/4 Scale Batman Arkham Origins Batman Action FigureNECA 1/4 Scale Batman The Dark Knight Joker Action Figure

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Pre-Order from the new 12 GI JOE FSS 3.0 figures for a reduced early bird price! We also have new KRE-O's, and lots of freshly restocked Retaliation figures too. GI JOE FSS 2.0 figures are all now reduced, grab your collector focussed figures. If you're after AFA graded GI JOES we have them too!

GI JOE FSS 3.0 Night Force Psyche-Out 3.75 Action Figure
GI JOE Reataliation 12" Snake Eyes Action FigureGI JOE FSS 2.0 Desert Scorpion

Game Of Thrones, Robocop, Aliens, Predator, Pacific Rim, Magic The Gathering, and Furby are just some of our range... Take a look through the store for a huge range of products, from Pop! Vinyl to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus, a huge clearance section.

NECA Pacific Rim Striker Eureka and Crimson Typhoon 7" Jaeger 2 Pack Deluxe Action FiguresFurby Furbling Critter Blue Diamonds Plush Toy
Funko Legacy Magic The Gathering Chandra Nalaar 6 Inch Action FigureFunko Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mystery Mini Case of 12 Display Box

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