February 14, 2014

New York Toy Fair 2014. All The New Star Wars, Hasbro, Lego & Marvel Figures - Get Ready!

We're at New York Toy Fair 2014! Our second year of actually getting to attend this Toy Nirvana. (Hey I'm in Australia, flights ain't cheap.) +FLYGUY & +TekSushi are bringing you the things you want to know about your favourite products from +Star Wars  +Marvel Entertainment & more. Our New York reporter is on the ground and we'll bring you all we can asap along with more from our other collecting sites & friends.

>>New Star Wars images will be added to +FLYGUY  Google+ & Facebook.
>>Non Star Wars Images will be added to +TekSushi Google+ & Facebook.

Look for deep dive discussion on all the products in our Video/Audio Podcasts in the +Yakface's Realm   podcast with  & +FLYGUY & +Yakface.com this weekend, and a much bigger discussion the following week on The Boring Conversation Anyway Podcast. The +TekSushi podcast will cover all non Star Wars products the following week.

All the newly announced (and lots of other figures that have leaked over the last year) will be published soon. Stay tuned!

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