December 29, 2013

Restocked GI Joes, New Walking Dead, Awesome Deals On Six Inch Black Series & Marvel Legends In Our @Dorksidetoys Newsletter

Lots of new GI Joes In stock, amazing deals on Star Wars Black Series including a  super low cost Boba Fett and more. Spend $99 USD in store and the shipping is FREE! (USA domestic customers only).

We also have same day shipping (Order before 1pm Central) and don't forget super saving flat rate shipping from $5.99, so check out what's in stock, and available for pre-order at

Brand new Walking Dead figures are coming soon and we have them up for pre-order. Head to the store to see the awesome Daryl Dixon and bike plus Season five of the Walking Dead Figures. We also have zombies, comic packs, and super deformed too. 

Check out our Walking Dead section and stock up.

SHOP GI JOE @DorksideToys NOW

We loved the stunning GI JOE ultimate's wave so much we restocked the lot! You must check these out as simply the best figures in this line and scale Hasbro have made. Of course deep collector focused lines such as GI JOE FSS2.0 figures are continuing to roll in with tollbooth, skullbuster and many more now in stock!
You wont be disappointed so check out all our excellent GI JOE ranges.

Marvel Legends are going from strength to strength and we are expecting these awesome new releases any day. Spider-Man & Captain America The Winter Soldier ranges look stunning and make sure you don't miss out. Buy the whole waves to get the Build-A-Figure Green Goblin/Part S.H.I.E.L.D droid and also get FREE domestic shipping. Plenty of the last waves of Marvel Legends, plus several great Marvel Universe figures on clearance. 
Check out our Marvel section now...

Still hunting for that Boba Fett six inch figure at a reasonable price? Well with Dorksidetoys you can get him for only $17.49 when you buy the set below! With prices through the roof for him alone in some places, we think that's a major deal, plus who doesn't need a spare Greedo and Han to ensure Han shoots first? We also have Star Wars The Black Series 3.75 Inches with prices starting from a crazy $3.99. Get some army builders, doubles or more for customs at these great prices. Wave three of the six inch line is up for pre-order too.
Lots of older vintage, Gentle Giant Jumbo Kenner and more in our Star Wars section.


Gorgeous retro Batman 1966 figures carded & loose, choose from heroes & villains and a dynamic duo two pack. Also awesome new Arkham figures from under $10,  Bats, cats, penguins and more.
Shop DC Collectibles & Batman now. 

Classic retro TMNT figures in stock and up for pre-order, plus these modern awesome Playmates Turtles and villains including this crazy guy. Check them out.

Shop TMNT Now!


McFarlane toys have made some very good figures from the game, each with unlock-able in game content. Check out the Assassins Creed section for more.

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Happy 2014 when it arrives from all here!

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