December 15, 2013

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Still time to make your Christmas shopping quick and easy; no queues, no gas, parking or time wasted, AND Spend $99 USD in store and the shipping is FREE! (USA domestic customers only).

Last day to ensure you get your order for Christmas is 1pm Sat 21st December... or we also sell GIFT VOUCHERS for that last minute gift or stocking filler.

Remember we also have same day shipping (Order before 1pm Central) and don't forget super saving flat rate shipping from $5.99, so check out what's in stock, and available for pre-order at

Zombie-quarium, zombie heads, zombie limbs, zombie Penny and her Dad, The Governor all  in one pack is just one of the reasons we love The Walking Dead. Loads more in stock, from comic to TV versions and super deformed too. Check out our Walking Dead deals.... 

SHOP GI JOE @DorksideToys NOW

2013 was a great year for Joes, with a movie, basic series and now more GI JOE FSS2.0 figures such as Widescope, Airtight, Skullbuster, and Shipwreck which are all now in stock. We have Ultimates, vehicles, figures, ninjas and troopers, six packs and more... Check out all our excellent GI JOE deals.

Brand new Marvel Legends from Spider-Man AND Captain America The Winter Soldier are up for pre-order. Buy the whole waves to get the Build-A-Figure Green Goblin/Part S.H.I.E.L.D  droid and also get FREE domestic shipping. Singles available too! Plenty of the last waves of Marvel Universe, plus several great Marvel Universe figures on clearance as well as other Marvel Legends, and some old and new build a figure parts too. Check out our Marvel section now...

Brand new Star Wars mission Series and Saga Legends are in stock, but hurry, these are limited quantities and at great prices. We also have Star Wars The Black Series starting from a crazy $3.99. Get some army builders, doubles or more for customs at these great prices. We also have wave three of the six inch line up for pre-order too. Get your pre-order in now to ensure that six inch Stormtrooper is yours as he is already in demand... Lots of older vintage, Gentle Giant Jumbo Kenner and more in our Star Wars section.


Meow...classic 1960's Catwoman is purrfect for your collection and with a stand, collectible card-back and groovy packaging, she rocks. We also have loose New 52 figures and Batman Arkham figures from the great game trilogy. Shop DC Collectibles & Batman now

We have classic retro TMNT figures in stock and up for pre-order, plus the modern Playmates Turtles and villains such as cockroach terminator . Check them out.


McFarlane toys have made some very good figures from the game, each with unlock-able in game content. Check out the Assassins Creed section for more.

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