November 4, 2013

New Web Site, Free US Shipping Over $99, Star Wars Black Series Wave 3, New Product Lines & More In Our @Dorksidetoys Newsletter

New Store, New products, new features. Come and see what's in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at  Here's a quick overview of the some recent highlights...

This month it's all about that Star Wars Wave 3, Neyo, Plagueis, and more. Plus Wave 2 is selling fast, so grab your full wave to grab Mara Jade and more... Plus Imperial scanning crew sets, Ewok catapults and don't forget Wave 2 of the six inch Star Wars, plus Jumbo Gentle Giant Bossk! 

The Marvel Universe cardbacks just look great, and even if the cardbacks aren't for you, we have plenty of loose figures, with some as low as $4. We've also got new Avengers Assemble figures in stock and hard to find Wolverine legends.  Add in Marvel Select and you've got Marvel covered.

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The GI JOE FSS Subscription figures are something special  you need to check out. These are exclusive figures in very limited quantities. rare characters, rare builds, real collectors pieces. Plus of course we stock lots of Joes including Ultimates, Retaliation and more.

The Walking dead sections boasts new zombies, those very popular vinyl mini figures and that 10 inch tall Deryl Dixon. Much like the infection, this section just grows...

Batman has some HUGE and amazing figures such as Bane and those classic 1960's groovy collectors orientated cards-do not miss them! Arkham Origins the game is out and figures are also here with Joker, Black mask (and another) cool Bane as a bundle. New 52 figures are also in the store...

Pizza and Ninja swords takes us back and it will for you too if you recall some of these excellent 80's retro style figures with tons of articulation. We also stock the larger retro versions plus the modern and equally excellent Playmates figures.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Collection Set of 4 Playmates Toys

Is it just us or does every good game get figures these days? We' ain't complaining, especially as they look as cool as Ratonhnhake:Ton. We have a great price on this, and more figures in stock.

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