November 17, 2013

GI JOE FSS Is Here, Black Series Wave 3 In Hand, Free US Shipping Deals. Black Friday Offers & More In Our @Dorksidetoys Newsletter

Christmas is coming so why not make it a little less costly with our offer of spend $99 USD in store and the shipping is on us! (USA domestic customers only). Plus we have same day shipping (Order before 1pm) AND take advantage of super saving flat rate shipping from $5.99. 

Black Friday is coming and we have some incredible deals (Available to all countries listed) GI JOES Assassin's Creed, Star Wars The Black Series, Walking Dead and more...

So come see what's in stock, up for Black Friday and available for pre-order at

Let the wookie win! Star Wars Black Series Wave 3 is in hand, plus of course the awesome six inch line. Pre-ordering saves your time, gas, and hunting for that figure later, plus ensures that you get hand picked excellent condition figures (and not damaged items hanging from a peg) from a  team who LOVE toys and making your delivery the best we can...Plus we have Jumbo Gentle Giant Star Wars if you fancy a Gamorrean guard, Boba Fett or more, plus Vintage collection Imperial scanning crew sets, Ewok catapults and more.

Avengers assembled! Black Widow, Red Skull and Hulk are real standouts from this new Avengers wave, but if not your bag then we have plenty of  Marvel Select, Marvel Universe, plus loose versions of most Marvel figures for lower cost shipping!

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Major collector of GI JOES? Then Xmas came early as the FSS Subscription figures are rolling in. Highly exclusive figures in very limited quantities, rare characters, rare builds. Plus those GI JOE Retaliation Ultimates figures are just stunningtake a look at some of the HD reviews... Plus of course check out our excellent GI JOE Black Friday deals.

Guess who's baaaacck? The Governor creeps in to Season three and in to our Walking dead section. Check out heroes and villains, zombies, vinyl mini figures, ten inch figures and two packs. 
The Walking Dead TV Series 4 The Governor Action Figure McFarlane Toys

We've got the DC Collectibles section 'whipped in to shape with all the new 52 figures. Buy the full set or choose the ones you need and save on postage. Plus don't forget our other DC collectibles Batman1960's and all Arkham ranges.

Lots of modern and classic Turtles are in stock and up for pre-order. We love the modern playmates figures but also these articulated beasts like Rock steady. Check them out!

McFarlane toys have done an excellent job on these game figures which also come packed with an unlock-able in game content code. Take a peek under the hood...

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