November 10, 2013

We've Got 99 Problems But Shipping Ain't One. Spend $99 Get Free US Shipping. Black Friday Mega Deals & More In Our @Dorksidetoys Newsletter

We're still putting up the fixtures and finishing the decoration on our brand new store, and tinkering with our new products, so come see what's in stock, and available for pre-order, and on clearance at

Jay-z jokes aside, you'll have no problems when you spend $99 in store as shipping is on us! (USA domestic customers only). Plus same day shipping (Before 1pm) AND take advantage of super saving flat rate shipping from $5.99. 

Also listed this week is our Black Friday teaser specials! (Available to all countries listed) For starters we have six awesome GI JOES for only $17.99, individuals from only $4.99, Assassin's Creed, and Six killer Star Wars The Black Series figures for only $24.99, and brilliant Walking Dead two packs for only $17.99!

Star Wars Black Series Wave 3 is still our biggest pre-order for you, and Wave 2 of the Six inch line should be here any day. Pre-ordering is the way to be sure to get what you need, and other waves are thinning so be quick and grab what you need... Plus we have Imperial scanning crew sets, Ewok catapults and don't forget Jumbo Gentle Giant Star Wars!

We love Marvel and highly recommend going to see Thor The Dark World. If you want some hammer time then simply search for the big guy on our website to unearth some Thor goodies. We also have new Marvel Select, Marvel Universe, plus loose figures too for lower cost shipping!

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The GI JOE Retaliation Ultimates waves are really something special, take a look at some of the reviews... Also in the house this week is the uber collector focussed FSS Subscription figures. Exclusive figures in very limited quantities. rare characters, rare builds, and real collectors pieces. Plus of course check out those excellent JOE Black Friday deals.

2013 GI JOE FSS 2.0 Cesspool 3.75 Action Figure

"Knock, knock, knock, Penny" (repeat x 3) Well not that Penny as this one is a little less good looking...and is... also a zombie. The Walking dead sections boasts new zombies, vinyl mini figures,10 inch and two packs. Great  comic, great TV Show, great figures...

The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Penny Action Figure McFarlane Toys

Single out what ones of the new 52 figures you like and we'll ship it loose! Lets you pick the ones you need without buying the full set and saves on your postage. Plus our other DC collectibles has Batman1960's and all Arkham ranges. p.s you have to see the BIG Bane and Solomon Grundy-amazing!
DC Collectibles The New 52 Super Heroes Vs Super Villains Batman LOOSE PRE-ORDER

Yeah! Classic Turtles are nearly here like Be-bop and many more are in stock. Get yer 80's retro (or modern style TMNT) ninja style on with great figures that pack a ton of articulation. 

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection Bebop Action Figure (Pre-Order)

An Edward that thankfully has no sparkly bits or Bella in tow. Assassin's Creed has some amazing figures, well made and well painted. Lift your hood and take a peek...

Assassin's Creed Edward Kenway McFarlane Toys

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