October 13, 2013

GI JOE Figures From $3.16! Wave 2 Black Series In Stock, Nashville Comic Con, The Joker & More. All In Our @DorksideToys Newsletter

What's in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at www.dorksidetoys.com 

STAR WARS @dorksidetoys.com
Star Wars Black Series Wave two of the six inch was again shown off by Hasbro, this time at NYCC. This gorgeous line is just truly exceptional. And with awesome detail and great articulation on figures like Han Solo, with swappable hands, guns and belts, you definitely need two of these! We also have wave two of the 3.75 inch line in store right now, with some major bargains to be had. We also stock a wide range of Star Wars vintage collection, comic pack figures, and Star Wars Jumbo Gentle Giant which are also in stock, and up for pre-order. 

MARVEL @dorksidetoys.com
We've had a lot of late collectors recently getting into Marvel Universe, and with Hasbro re-releasing some classics on these great comic cardbacks, and adding great new characters such as Abomination it's no wonder. We also have Iron Man 3, Marvel Legends & Marvel Select figures. Check them out!

GI JOE @DorksideToys.com  
Kick ass figures from $3.16? Yep! Great for army building, customising and parts. Plus tons of other Joes, all with great accessories, and great articulation. Choose from Retaliation, FSS, Basic line, Ultimates or Renegades figures. 

THE WALKING DEAD @DorksideToys.com
The Walking Dead collectibles are in, and we are super stocked up for Season three kicking off any day. We will also be hanging out with The Walking Dead TV Stars, Stan Lee and more at Wizard World-Nashville Comic con. So come on over and say hello if you're at the con. We also have plenty of standard figures, comics and even new ten inch figures, plus new exclusives. Use your braaainns, head to The Dorksidetoys Walking Dead section now.

DC COLLECTIBLES @DorksideToys.com  
No skin off this guy's nose huh? This maniacal Joker is in Stock now. Plus if you haven't yet donned your super tights, check out the groovy 1960's Batman carded figures and collectibles. Of course plenty of other DC characters, Arkham figures and other new 52 Super Heroes vs Super Villains figures. Check them out!

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