September 1, 2013

TekSushi Podcast Episode 08 - Retro Is Back, 39 Inches of Meth, Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman and More...

A R rated show. We swear, and refer to inches in a juvenile way. Often.

Podcast regulars Kevin Gawthrope of, FXFranz/Chefatron flyguy & talk about the following:



  1. Iron man hall of armour 3.75” on amazon …
  2. Star wars droid factory -not a bad set

    Team TekSushi shops at

    Star Wars Black Series 6 inch and 3.5inch, cool GI Joes and awesome Batman, plus The Walking dead! Check them out:  

  3. Slave 1 gate, the mess that was quickly sorted thankfully
  4. Black series Star Wars 3.75 wave 2
  5. Black series Star Wars six inch
  6. Star Wars collecting - Blurring the lines: Calculating Vintage Kenner vs. Modern Kenner boxed vehicles values- surprising results! :-)
  7. Vinylmation Tipping Point: Marvel Disney Vinylmation Series dropping October 11

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