August 25, 2013

Star Wars Black Series, GI JOE, Batman Arkham ALL IN Stock, New Walking Dead, Marvel Legends & More! All In Our @DorksideToys Newsletter

What's in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at 

GI JOE Ultimates are here, and the many pallets we have, are reducing fast, so get in quick to secure the rest of the wave... With accessories like the featured Roadblock & Kwinn it's no wonder recent GI JOE's are really appealing heavily to collectors.  Missed other GI JOE's from Retaliation, FSS, Basic or Renegades waves? We have plenty in stock from those lines. 

We've also had a huge delivery of the Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Wave. Other six inch Legends are also in stock from Iron Man 3 and older Legends waves as well as plenty of cool Marvel Select, and of course always 3.75 inch Marvel Universe on the site too.

Black series 3.75 & 6 Inch are in stock! These lines you do not want to miss out on, trust us! As usual we have classic vintage, comic pack figures, and Star Wars Jumbo Gentle Giant in stock, and up for pre-order. Also, get ahead of the crowds NOW and pre-order wave 2 of the black series in both lines!

It seems almost daily in the run up to the new season of the TV show that more toys are announced, arrive in, or are up for pre-order. Check out the section and add to your wishlist or buy now.

Arkham re-stock is finally here, no Joke! Check out our range of killer batman figures, DC characters, and new 52 Super Heroes vs Super Villains figures. Don't forget new 1960's Batman & Arkham origin figures.

    New retro classics in stock, plus SDCC Shredder & Modern style Turtles, all in our TMNT section.

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    p.s New Assassins creed section added too!

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