June 8, 2013

Grabzags Assemble! Marvel The Avengers Series 1 Grabzags Loki & Captain America HD Figure Review

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Fun little toys of which we'll definitely share more...

"Grab Zags are the first variety collectible toy line with a different surprise toy in every bag. Every Grab Zag has one cool toy inside each bag. Like trading cards, you never know which toy or character you’re going to get until you open the foil bag. Featuring characters from the Marvel Universe and The Avengers record-breaking movie, every Grab Zags
series has collectible Marvel Minis – 1-3/4” detailed sculpted characters in an exclusive, pop art vinyl style including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America , Hulk, Loki, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Thor, Wolverine and many more Marvel favorites.

 There are also mini-projectors that shine your favorite character on the wall in the dark like a flashlight, mini disc launchers for head-to-head hero versus villain action and outdoor play and other novelty toys with cool characters and designs. Like other impulse collectible licensed toys, you can also trade until you get the whole Grab Zags series. Each assortment has up to 24 toys with over 100 toys planned for the entire Grab Zags line. Collect the Ultra Rare Mini in every series like Spider-Man Black in Marvel Universe Series 1 and the Captain America in The Avengers Series 1.

 Grab Zags offer three different toys in every series along with six to eight different Marvel and The Avengers characters on each toy, so you can get a different Marvel character, but also a different toy in every bag. With the hottest classic and movie properties and awesome surprise toys in every bag, Grab Zags are sure to be the newest collectible craze. Collect Now. Trade Later. Different toys in every series. Always limited, always cool! Available at Toys R Us, Walgreen’s and other specialty toy retailers and retails for $2 to $3 each."

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