June 30, 2013

Black Series, GI JOE, Walking Dead, Marvel, Turtles & Much More In Our @DorksideToys Newsletter

What's in stock, available for pre-order, and more at www.dorksidetoys.com 

STAR WARS @dorksidetoys.com
Forget calling this the Black Series, just call it the 'HAWT' Series! These things are in serious demand and with our no hassle pre-order policy, you have nothing to lose! Pre-order your Six Inch & 3.75 Inch now.  Plus we have vintage, clone wars and Gentle Giant vintage collection retro carded & loose figures in our Star Wars section...

GI JOE @DorksideToys.com  
We have slashed prices on some excellent Joes which are in our clearance section, plus lots of new pre-orders on NEW Retaliation figures, Ultimates, Collector Club exclusives, Basic Figures & more. 

MARVEL @dorksidetoys.com
We have brand new Marvel Legends figures up for pre-order and many in stock. Choose from Marvel Select, Universe, and Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends...

THE WALKING DEAD @DorksideToys.com

The Walking Dead is expanding it's offerings. Check out new ten inch figures, plus NEW vinyl collectibles, comic books and smaller scale figures.

DC COLLECTIBLES @DorksideToys.com  
The Batman Arkham series is another line that is just super hot right now. With second hand market prices for these reaching astronomical prices, it makes sense to pre-order now! Also worth checking out is the 'holy-hole-in-a-donut' 1960's Batman line. Plus we have lots of other DC Collectibles, as well as the New 52 Super Heroes Vs Super Villains...


Classic & Modern style Turtles, plus good guys and baddies all in our TMNT section.

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Will we get a 'White' Series one day?

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