June 9, 2013

Awesome Basic Series GI JOE Black Series, Batman, Zombie Pets & More In Our @DorksideToys Newsletter

What's in stock, available for pre-order, and more at www.dorksidetoys.com 

STAR WARS @dorksidetoys.com
Black Series Six Inch & 3.75 Inch are still up for pre-order and although we have ordered plenty of stock, rest assured these will go super fast! Do not sit on the fence, and why should you? With our no hassle cancellation policy, you are covered.  We also have plenty of Gentle Giant vintage collection Star Wars retro carded & loose figures in our Star Wars section.

GI JOE @DorksideToys.com  
We love the NEW & IN STOCK basic series and these are also on sale at a crazy low price. We also have vehicles, plenty of new Joes and pre-orders, from the GI JOE Collector Club exclusives, to ultimate's and recent movie characters...

MARVEL @dorksidetoys.com
New Marvel figures are up for pre-order and in stock. Choose from Marvel Universe, Select, and Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends...

THE WALKING DEAD @DorksideToys.com
Get in to our Walking Dead section and choose from comic books, core characters and well, even zombie pets... Who's a good boy?

DC COLLECTIBLES @DorksideToys.com  
1960's Batman & Arkham figures, plus DC Collectibles The New 52 Super Heroes Vs Super Villains and more are in our DC section, including these two upstanding gentlemen below, who are here to sell girl guide cookies to you.

Classic & Modern style Turtles, plus good guys and baddies all in our TMNT section including this delightful terminator meets pink Jell-o chappy. Kraang is in the house!

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Black Series Greedo is coming, cannot wait!

Team Dorkside

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