May 17, 2013

Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure. Knock knock, Puddin'!

The next DC Comics Premium Format Figure, the Joker's deranged and bubbly sidekick Harley Quinn is here.  Knock knock, Puddin'!


Mr. J's right hand gal takes center stage, suited for crime sprees and clowning around in her signature red and black fabric bodysuit. With her trademark wooden mallet at the ready, the Gotham City bad girl flaunts her flair for mayhem with that one-of-a-kind crazed grin. You'll be in mad love!.

This crazy little thing, called love...
 Before accepting a position at Gotham City's Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Quinzel thought she'd secured a bright and promising future as a brilliant psychiatrist. But nothing could have prepared her for the asylum's most deranged inmate, The Joker.

 The young doctor quickly fell prey to the Clown Prince of Crime's twisted manipulations. Driven to madness, and madly in love, Harleen was determined to break her beloved out of Arkham. Adopting a brand new identity, Harley Quinn donned her signature costume and clown paint, acquired a collection of gag-themed weapons, and joined 'Mr. J' on his bloody spree of mischief and mayhem.

 Harley's energetic and outgoing persona hides a dangerously unpredictable and imbalanced super-villain. Quinn has formed alliances with many different accomplices including Catwoman and Poison Ivy, but her one true love will always be The Joker. And make no mistake, there's nothin' this girl won't do to put a smile on her puddin's face.

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