May 12, 2013

GI JOE Exclusives, Thanos, NEW Rocket Raccoon Marvel Legends, Retro Star Wars & More In Our @DorksideToys Newsletter

What's in stock, available for pre-order, and more at 

We have even more of the new GI JOE Collector Club exclusives up for pre-order! Highly limited figures which come on beautiful card-backs which are selling quickly... Make sure if dig rare Joes, you must order these now! 

Also check out the GI JOE section for the new Tomahawk helicopter vehicle, recent movie characters, the basic series, classic Joes, Ultimate's, exclusives, and more.

We have new Marvel Legends in store from the Rocket Raccoon wave, plus plenty of new and classic Marvel Universe, plus those fast selling Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends!


Wave yer hands in the air, like care, especially if you like our new Marvel Select figures including Thanos...

As we've been saying for months, make sure you buy classic vintage carded figures now as the demand is soaring for mint on card and loose vintage figures. We also have plenty of clone wars, comic pack figures, and of course we continue to love these Star Wars Jumbo Gentle Giant figures including this bad boy.

Check out our Zombies, Sheriffs, Governors and plenty more in our Walking Dead section for cool pre-orders.

Great looking DC, Batman & Arkham Asylum figures are up for pre-order, with plenty of classic characters and this classic 1966 Catwoman...Puurrfect for your collection!

Figures on minty fresh cards (or loose) from $2.99! Shop clearance for G.I. JOE's, Star Wars, Marvel Legends, Universe, and more. 

Cowabunga! More kick ass characters and their enemies added. Check out Metalhead...

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