May 23, 2013

Get LEGO Bossky Bossk, Jar Jar & More, It's Not A Trap, Even Ackbar From

Looking to buy some LEGO? Then why not nab yourself some great prices, stonking service and a free Key Chain with your order?

Chowrentoys have some stock left of a few of our recent offers so head on over and add one of these promo codes to your cart while they last... Offer good thru May 31st while stocks last.

LEGO Exo-Force Sets: 851729 Takeshi Key Chain Promo Code: FREE851729
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 853125 Bossk Key Chain Promo Code:  FREEBOSSK
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 853201 Jar Jar Binks Key Chain Promo Code: ILUVJARJAR
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 852351 Obi-Wan Kenobi Key Chain Promo Code: OBI852351
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 852352 Plo Koon Key Chain  Promo Code: FLYGUYKOON
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 852836 Admiral Ackbar Key Chain Promo Code: AMRLACKBAR
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 852839 Nute Gunray Key Chain Promo Code: NUTEPROMO
LEGO Star Wars Sets: 852945 Kit Fisto Key Chain Promo Code: FISTOFREE

Offer good through May 31st 2013 while stocks last.

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