March 8, 2013

Transformers, Fighter Pods, Walking Dead, Star Wars & More @BigBadToyStore Newsletter


TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS VOYAGER 2013 SERIES 03 - SET, SINGLES  The G1-focus of the Generations line returns with the announcement of Blitzwing and Springer as triplechangers in the upcoming wave. They are listed as a Set of 2 at $44.99; Springer is also available singly at $24.99.
TRANSFORMERS TAKARA GENERATIONS TG21 AUTOBOT SPRINGER, TG22 BLITZWING  Takara is also releasing versions of these two Voyager figures. As with other Takara releases, we expect these to have different decoes, with metallic paint and more. These two figures are listed at $59.99 each.
TAKARA MASTERPIECE MP-17/18 OFFICIAL IMAGES  Official images for MP-17 Prowl and MP-18 Bluestreak have been put up on the site.
TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS LEGENDS 2013 SERIES 03 SET  This assortment includes Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, and each comes with a transforming targetmaster-type helper - Roller and Blazemaster, respectively. This Set of pairs is listed at $21.99.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS DELUXE SERIES 03 - CASE, SET  Series 03 of this new show's Deluxe line includes one each of Bumblebee and Wheeljack and two each of Storm Razor, Ratchet and Dreadwing. They are listed as a Case of 8 for $114.99; the three new figures (Storm Razor, Ratchet and Dreadwing) are also available as a Set at $51.99.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTER CYBERVERSE COMMANDER WAVE 2, 2R(1)  The Series 02 Case assortment of Cyberverse Commander figures from the Beast Hunter line includes one each of Bulkhead and Predaking and two each of Optimus Prime, Trailcutter and Hardshell, and is listed at $74.99. Bulkhead is also available singly at $10.99, and Trailcutter and Hardshell are avail as a Set of 2 for $27.99. The Wave 2R (1) Case assortment includes two each of Optimus Prime, Predaking, Trailcutter and Hardshell and is priced at $74.99 as well.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTER CYBERVERSE LEGION WAVE 2, 2R4  The Cyberverse Legion Series 02 Case assortment contains three each of Bumblebee, Soundwave and Prowl, with two of Hun-Grrr and one of Smokescreen, and is priced at $74.99. Prowl, Soundwave and Hun-Grrr are also available as a Set of 3 at $24.99, and Prowl and Soundwave can also be ordered singly at $8.99 each. The Series 2 Revision 4 Case includes two each of Hun-Grrr, Prowl, Soundwave, Airachnid, Twinstrike and Smokescreen, and is listed at $74.99.
TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS MINICON WAVE 01 - CASE, SET, SINGLES  These new items include non-transforming figures of the Rescue Bots and smaller human figures to share their adventures. The Case assortment includes three of Optimus Prime & Cody, two each of Heatwave & Kade and Bumblebee & Graham and one of Chase & Chief, and the Case is listed at $49.99. These four figure pairs are also available as a Set of four, priced at $34.99; we also have singles of Optimus Prime & Cody, Heatwave & Kade and Bumblebee & Graham, with each pair listed at $7.99.
TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS SERIES 09 CASE  The new energized versions of the figures continue to be released. This assortment includes Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Blades and Boulder, and is listed at $54.99.
TRANSFORMERS BOT SHOTS 2013 SERIES 01, 02 - CASE, SET, SINGLES  Two new series of Bot Shots are on the way. 2013 Series 01 includes four of Stunt N Speed Bumblebee, three each of Stunt N Speed Ironhide and Stunt N Speed Shockwave and one of Sunstorm; This Case is listed at $64.99. Series 02 is also listed at $64.99 and includes one each of Stunt N Speed Bumblebee, Stunt N Speed Ironhide and Stunt N Speed Shockwave, three of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime and two each of Scourge, Brawl and Cliffjumper. They are also listed as a Set of 7 (one of each) at $37.99, with singles of BH Optimus, Brawl, Cliffjumper and Scourge at $5.99 each.
CST-015G RHINOHORN EVIL VERSION  Keith's Fantasy Club will soon be releasing an evil blue cassette rhino transforming figure. He has red eyes and chromed parts, and is listed at $21.99, $2 off the MSRP.
FWI-03 JET POWER UPGRADE KIT  This upgrade kit works with what appears to be Leader Class Prime, and adds jets, wings and gun to him. it works in both robot and vehicle modes and is listed at $84.99, $15 off the MSRP.
STAR WARS 2013 MOVIE LEGENDS WAVE 1R2, Wave .5R2 - CASES, SET  Two new waves of Movie Legends figures have gone up for pre-order. Wave 0.5 Revision 2 includes three each of Ep III Clone Trooper, Ep III Shock Trooper, Ep VI Darth Vader and Ep III General Grievous; they are priced at $109.99 for the case, or you can get one of each figure in a Set of 4 at $39.99. The Wave 1 Revision 2 Case includes three of the Ep III Shock Trooper, two each of Ep I Darth Maul, Ep I Battle Droid and Ep I R2-D2 and one each of Ep III Clone Trooper, Ep VI Darth Vader and Ep III General Grievous, and is listed at $109.99.
STAR WARS 2013 CLONE WARS CASES - Wave 4R4, Wave 2R2, WAVE 1R3, WAVE 4R5, WAVE 2R3  These five new Case assortments are listed at $114.99 each and have a variety of figures such as Anakin, Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, Cad Bane, Yoda and more - check them all out and grab your favorites.
STAR WARS FIGHTER POD 2013 ANNOUNCEMENTS  A variety of new Star Wars Fighter Pod items have been announced by Hasbro. These include Launcher Sets with figures at $23.99 each, or as a Set for $44.99, C3 Vehicle Packs with figures at $16.99 each or as Sets of 2 for $31.99, Battle Packs at $11.99 each or as Sets of 2 for $21.99, Four-Packs at $6.99 each or as a Case of 12 for $74.99 and Single Blind-Bags at $3.99 each or as a Case of 24 at $74.99.
STAR WARS COLLECTOR WATCHES  Five new collector watches have been announced by Underground Toys. These include Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker, and each is priced at $199.99.
STAR WARS ANGRY BIRDS FOAM FLYERS CASE, POWER BATTLER SET  The Star Wars Angry Birds franchise has two new assortments up for pre-order. The Foam Flyers Case of 4 is listed at $43.99 and includes Chewbacca, Pilot Luke, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper, while the Power Battler Set of 3 is priced at $32.99 and includes Han Solo, Pilot Luke and Darth Vader.
THE WALKING DEAD TV SERIES 04 FIGURES - CASE, SET, SINGLES  The latest announcement from McFarlane Toys gives us the lineup for the new wave of Walking Dead TV figures. This Case assortment includes 12 figures, with one or more each of Andrea, the Governor, Carl Grimes, Riot Gear Zombie and Riot Gear Gas Mask Zombie. The Case is priced at $159.99, and we also have them listed as a Set of 5 for $69.99. If you are looking for single figures, each is listed that way as well, and they are priced at $14.99 each.
THE WALKING DEAD MERLE & DARYL FIGURE TWO-PACK  Like Season 3, this box set brings the brothers back together, and we have the set listed at $26.99.
EX GOKIN GATCHA SPARTAN  The vehicle set from the third series of Gatchaman will soon be available to collectors in the form of this EX Gokin set from Fewture. Each vehicles contains die-cast content, and all five together can form the Gatcha Spartan ship. This set is listed at $349.99.
S.H. MONSTERARTS GODZILLA 1964 TAMASHII EXCLUSIVE  The MonsterArts line grows with the 1964 version of Godzilla. He is currently priced at $69.99.
NEW JAPANESE EXCLUSIVES  In addition to the 1964 Godzilla listed above, we have a number of new import exclusive items. Among them are a Robot Damashii Parts Set for Gundam Sandrock and Gundam Heavyarms at $49.99, Chibi Arts Cure Peace at $89.99, a new 7-11 1/144 Scale Strike Freedom Gundam Exclusive at $38.99, Getter Robo G Ex Gokin Getter Poseidon, Liger and Dragon at $536.99 each (as well a the set with bonus weapons at $1609.99) and more.
MARVEL 2012 3.75" GREATEST BATTLES CASES - WAVE 2R2, 2R8, 2R9, 2R10  These four new Case assortments are a great way to catch up on any missed 3.75" figures. Each Case has 8 Comic Two-Packs, like Iron Man & Mandarin, Dr. Strange & Silver Surfer, Colossus & Juggernaut and more, and each Case is listed at $149.99.
NEW SPIDER-MAN LISTINGS  Many new Spider-Man items are up for pre-order. They include 6" Ultimate Core Figures in Cases, Sets and singles, Power Webs Feature Figures, Power Webs Racers, Ultimate Spider-Man All-Stars, and Spider-Man Fighter Pods Blind Bags, Starters, Launchers and Vehicles. You can see all of these new items at the link.
LITTLEST PET SHOP GET THE PETS 2013 SERIES B WAVE 01 SET  The latest Get the Pets assortment includes a Lion, a Mongoose, a Giraffe, an Angora Bunny, a Dolphin and a Skunk. This Set of 6 is listed at $24.99.
POWER RANGERS S.H. FIGUARTS - RED RANGER, GREEN RANGER  Bandai is making S.H. Figuarts of the original Red and Green Rangers. These figures are coming out as a part of the 20th Anniversary, and each will include their weapons from the show. These figures are listed at $44.99 each.
NEW BANDAI FIGURES  In addition to the Power Rangers Figuarts releases, Bandai has a number of figures on the way this month. These include Saint Cloth Myth EX Aries Mu at $74.99, Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer at $53.99, S.H. Figuarts Masked Rider Odin & Golden Phoenix at $48.99, Robot Spirits Gundam Heavyarms Kai at $45.99, Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy (Battle Version) at $34.99 and more, all listed at the link.
HALO 4 DELUXE FIGURE SERIES 01 - DIDACT  The latest of the Halo 4 Deluxe figures is Didact. He is covered with gray and orange armor and is listed at $29.99.
PREDATOR TROPHY WALL DIORAMA  This 11" x 12" piece is a duplicate of the Trophy Wall seen in "Predator 2". It has attachment plugs for up to 8 different skulls from various figures during the past three years, and includes a large dinosaur-like skull to start you off. This set is listed at $64.99.
"THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" BANE LEATHER JACKET & VEST SET  This new replica is designed to be able to be worn as a vest, jacket, or both at once. It includes adjustable gauntlets, molded leather detailing, removable sleeves and collar and much more. It is available in sizes XX Small through XX Large, and each is priced at $724.99, saving you $25 off of the MSRP.
NEW FUNKO POP ITEMS  A wide variety of new Pop items from Funko are up for pre-order. We have figures, vehicles and more in licenses such as DC Comics, Batman, "Back to the Future", TMNT, Disney, "Planet of the Apes", Sonic, "Kill Bill", "Pulp Fiction", "Alien", Predator", "Scarface", "Robocop", Marvel, Watchmen, "The Wizard of Oz", The Big Bang Theory, Masters of the Universe, Kevin Smith Movie Figures, Ace Ventura, "The Big Lebowski", Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, WWE, "Child's Play", "It", Saw", "Army of Darkness", "Scream", My Little Pony, "Man of Steel", The Walking Dead, A Game of Thrones, Michael Jackson, Star Wars and "Thor: The Dark World". You can see these new items at the link.
NEW FUNKO WACKY WOBBLERS  We have also listed new Wacky Wobblers from TMNT, "Man of Steel", DC Comics, "Thor: The Dark World", The Big Bang THeory and more, which are all available at the link provided.
GRIMM FAIRY TALES CALIE ACTION FIGURE  Alice's daughter Calie has become the next protagonist in the new Grimm Fairy Tales comics from Zenescope. CS Moore has also created a figure of her in a black version of her mother's outfit, and she comes with accessories such as a cupcake, a knife and some roses. This figure is listed at $19.99.
REVOLTECH EVANGELION EVA-08A ACTION FIGURE  This new pink version of the Evangelion unit will make an appearance in the upcoming third movie. It has a triangular helmet with multiple green eyes, and is listed at $49.99.
UNDERWORLD LYCAN 1:4 SCALE STATUE  This piece shows a Lycan (werewolf) from the "Underworld" movies standing atop a stone wall's corner. It measures 23" tall and is listed at $329.99.
DAWN VARIANT EDITION STATUE  This new 15" statue has Dawn in a light green outfit with roses on her boot and a keyring in her raised hand. She stands atop a skull pedestal and is listed at $224.99.
CLASSIC ULTRON ON THRONE 1/5 SCALE STATUE  Hank Pym's creation is shown here sitting on a metallic throne, contemplating one of the helmets of his creator. The piece measures over 12" tall and is listed at $349.99.
NEW DOCTOR WHO NOVELTIES  We have listed new 3d Figural Mugs of the First, Second, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors at $21.99 - $22.99 each. We also have the Paint-Your-Own Ceramic TARDIS Money Bank and Paint-Your-Own Ceramic Dalek Money Bank, each listed at $29.99.

TRANSFORMERS ULTIMATE GIFT SET EXCLUSIVE  We have received the rest of our shipment of the Transformers Ultimate Gift Set. It includes a blue redeco of G2 Optimus Prime, a new deco version of Jazz plus Legion versions of Thundercracker and Motormaster. This set is priced at $29.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.
STAR WARS 2012 VINTAGE WAVE 03 CASE  This Case assortment includes Luke Skywalker, Darth Malgus, Bariss Offee, Bom Vindin, Grand Moff Tarkin, Galen Marek and more. We have the Case of 12 listed at $119.99.
GI JOE 2012 SUBSCRIPTION FIGURE - TOPSIDE  Naval Security Expert Topside comes with multiple weapons, a display base and other accessories. He is priced at $39.99.
DX SOUL OF CHOGOKIN MAZINGER Z SET  This 12" tall version of Mazinger Z features a good amount of die-cast content and removable outer armor with detailed inner workings. It comes with a hanger bay for play and display, and both the figure and the base have lighting effects; Mazinger also has sound effects and music from the show. Both the sounds and lights are controlled by a wireless remote control. This fantastic set is listed at $374.99, saving you $65 off of the MSRP.
KM-03 KNIGHT MORPHER CYCLOPS WITH BONUS MINI SUB - SECOND SHIPMENT  Mastermind Creations has gone through these and verified that the elbow and other sections are solid. It includes the transforming mini sub just like the original, and is listed at $179.99.
U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 HD VERSION  The new version of the original series' Enterprise is based on the remastered version of the television series. It measures 16" long and includes additional details, light and sound effects. ti also has a removable display stand, and is listed at $49.99, saving you $10 off of the MSRP.
U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 - WRATH OF KHAN VERSION  This version of the Enterprise also measures 16" long with light effects, but includes sound effects from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" instead. It is listed at $59.99, $10 off the MSRP.
KLINGON BIRD OF PREY EXCLUSIVE CLOAKED EDITION  Commander Kruge's ship from "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" is now available to join your collection. It measures over 12" long, includes light, voice and sound effects and comes with a display base. This ship is listed at $69.99.
KNIGHT RIDER KITT 1:15 SCALE VEHICLE WITH MICHAEL KNIGHT  KITT speaks 7 different phrases and also has six different sound effects in this 1/15 scale package. He measures 13" long and includes a 3.75" figure of Michael Knight, and is priced at $59.99.
MASS EFFECT SX3 FIGHTER REPLICA  This one-man ship is used for close-ranged attacks on enemy ships in the Mass Effect game series. It makes a great gift for fans of the series, and is listed at $29.99.
"PROMETHEUS" ACTION FIGURE SERIES 02 SET  The second assortment of "Prometheus" figures includes David with alternate heads and the Deacon with a dissected head and other accessories. We have them listed as a Set, and priced at $34.99, $5 off the MSRP.
TED 8" PLUSH WITH SOUND  This 8" plush version of the foul-mouthed teddy bear from the recent comedy speaks 12 different phrases. We have him priced at $14.99.
WASP CLASSIC ACTION 12" STATUE  This piece has the wasp in her original look "floating" above a curved clear display base. It is listed at $74.99.
X-FORCE DEADPOOL 12" WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE STATUE  The new 12" statue of Deadpool shows him in the black and gray outfit he wore with the underground X-Force team. He wields automatic weapons in each hand, with a trusty katana on his back. We have this statue listed at $229.99.
HELLRAISER SERIES 02 WAREHOUSE FIND  A small quantity of this figure assortment from a number of years back has arrived at our warehouse. We have the Set of 4 (Butterball, Angelique, Surgeon and Skinless Julia) priced at $59.99, with singles of Angelique and Butterball priced at $18.99 each.
MARVEL MINIMATES RESTOCK  We have received a small shipment of some older Marvel Minimates, for those that may have missed them the first time around. The X-Factor Set includes Iceman, Beast, Marvel Girl and Cyclops in their outfits from the beginning of the series, and is listed at $19.99. The "Hostile Takeover" Minimates Exclusive Box Set includes the Iron Man and Iron Monger armors from their final battle as well as Playboy Tony Stark and

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