February 23, 2013

Walking Dead, Wolverine, Batman, Marvel & W.W.E All In Our @BigBadToyStore Newsletter


Cool new preorders and the latest arrivals at BBTS!

GI JOE BASIC FIGURE SERIES 01 - SET, SINGLES  This new assortment includes new decoes of Cobra Commander, a Cobra Trooper and Storm Shadow, along with Snake Eyes, Duke and Shipwreck. We have them listed as singles at $3.99 - $11.99 each, and as a Set of 6 at $34.99.
MASS EFFECT SSV NORMANDY SR-2 18" SHIP REPLICA  This new 18" version of the SSV Normandy SR-2 rests atop a specially-designed base. It is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide and is priced at $239.99, saving you $60 off of the MSRP.
WAR LORD UT-W02, UT-W03 - WAR RHINO, WAR BISON  The second figure in Unique Toys' War Lord release line is War Rhino. He includes a pack with two independently movable cannons that becomes the foot of War Lord, and is priced at $84.99. Like War Rhino, War Bison will include a cannon backpack that becomes a foot for War Lord, and he is priced at $84.99 as well, saving you $15 off of the MSRP.
MASS EFFECT ALLIANCE NORMANDY SR-1 SHIP REPLICA - REGULAR, SILVER  Dark Horse is also releasing 6" versions of the Alliance Normandy SR-1. We have the regular version priced at $29.99, and the Antique Silver version (limited to 1500 pieces) at $49.99. Each version comes with a display base.
DIAMOND SELECT MUNSTERS SERIES 02 FIGURES  The second wave of Munsters figures includes three family members dressed up for a ride - Hot Rod Herman, Hot Rod Lily and Hot Rod Grandpa - as well as visiting family member Uncle Gilbert (the Creature from the Black Lagoon). Each figure is listed at $21.99, $3 off the MSRP; each also comes with a part of the build-a-diorama of the Munsters' staircase, complete with openable trapdoor and Spot.
WOLVERINE 7" SINGLE BOOKEND  The next release in Gentle Giant's line of Marvel bookends is famous X-Man Wolverine. He is depicted with his claws out and ready for battle, and can be displayed alone or with any of the other bookends in the line. We have him listed at $115.99, saving you $13 off of the MSRP.
THE WALKING DEAD LOGO BOOKENDS  These bookends have zombie arms reaching up and out of bases made from the logo of the AMC TV Show The Walking Dead. The set is listed at $79.99, saving you $9 off of the MSRP.
SPIDER-MAN TITAN HERO 12" FIGURE  This new version of the wall-crawler stands 12" tall and is priced at $14.99.
EAGLEMOSS MARCH ITEMS - DC CHESS, AUTOMOBILIA  Four new items have been announced this month by Eaglemoss. The DC Chess line continues with two new JLA Chess pieces - #34 Wonder Woman as the White Queen and #35 Green Lantern Hal Jordan as a White Bishop; each of these is listed at $15.99 and comes with a magazine as well. The Batman Automobilia line adds two more versions this month as well, with the #009 Batmobile from Batman Issue #5, and the #010 Batmobile from Batman Issue #311. Each of these is listed at $19.99, comes in an acrylic case and includes a magazine.
NEW WETA HOBBIT ITEMS  We have listed new WETA items for pre-order. Among them is Radagast the Brown's Staff at $178.99, the Pipe of Thorin Oakenshield at $124.99, a sterling silver Orcrist Pendant at $124.99, Out of the Fire Eagles Rescue and Recipes from Bag End Art Prints at $49.99 and $11.99, respectively, and an Antique Copper Finish Dragon Pin at $10.99.
ARMS DEPOT 1/6 SCALE ARMORY  This accessory is the perfect place to store costumes and accessories from your Hot Toys, Enterbay and other 1/6 scale Batman figures, as well as others. It includes lighting, numerous foam-filled trays with cutouts for accessories, the accessories shown in the pictures and more. This fantastic display is listed at $149.99.
DAREDEVIL 1/6 SCALE FINE ART STATUE  Erick Sosa's sculpt of Daredevil shows him wielding his billy clubs while perched atop a fallen piece of architecture. This statue is listed at $179.99, $30 off the MSRP.
MARCH BANDAI IMPORT EXCLUSIVES, BLUEFIN ITEMS  Bandai must be taking it easy for the moment, seeing as we have only two new import exclusives and six new Bluefin items listed today. The Exclusives are a new Super Robot Chogokin Weapon Set that is priced at $87./99 and can work with Gunbuster, Gurren Lagann and others, and the S.I.C. Kamen Rider Kiwami Damashii Armor Machine Gouram at $109.99. The regular releases include 1/100 & 1/144 MS Sight Lens packs in pink or green at $8.99 each, and Super Deformed #378 Maryu Kenshi Zero Gundam at $16.99, 1/144 HG Gundam AGE-FX Burst at $29.99, 1/144 HGUC Nemo (Z Gundam Version) at $24.99 and 1/100 Endless Waltz Version Tallgeese Kit at $62.99.
TP-08 SKY BREAKER SWORD - NORMAL, BLUE, PURPLE  If your Optimus Prime figure is feeling the need for a sword, this one should do the trick. it comes in regular/gray, as well as clear blue and clear purple, and each one is priced at $17.99.
NEW STAR TREK MODEL KITS - 1/12 MR. SPOCK , 1/1000 ENTERPRISE NX-01, 1/1000 ENTERPRISE "SPACE SEED"  Three new Star Trek Model Kits are up and ready for pre-orders. The 1/12 Scale Mr. Spock Kit shows him ready to take on a couple of reptilian monsters; it comes in a tin lunch box, and is listed at $47.99. The NX-01 Kit from the Enterprise TV show comes with parts to build either the original or refit version of the ship, and is priced at $28.99. Finally, the Space Seed version of the Enterprise from The Original Series includes an S.S. Botany Bay kit as well, and is priced at $26.99.
MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS FILMATION SERIES FIGURES  For our international and other customers, we will be receiving a number of these figures. The first to be listed include Batros and Icer at $39.99 each and Shokoti at $49.99.
KINGDOM HEARTS II FORMATION HEARTS VOLUME 03 SET  This set includes Sora on the island, Sora and Ariel Under the Sea, Sora, Donald and Goofy in Halloweentown and what appears to be Tron Sora. The set of four figurines is priced at $59.99.
FINAL FANTASY TRADING ARTS KAI SERIES 03  This line of super deformed versions of Final Fantasy heroes and villains continues with Series 03. It includes Sephiroth, Rinoa and Aerith, and each is priced at $24.99.
"BACK TO THE FUTURE" 1/25 SCALE TIME MACHINE MODEL KIT  Polar Light's version of the Time Machine from "Back to the Future" is a Level 1 Snap-Together kit, suitable for beginners and experienced builders alike. This kit is listed at $29.99.
GRIMM FAIRY TALES QUEEN OF HEARTS FIGURE  CS Moore and Zenescope have announced the next release in the Grimm Fairy Tales line. The Queen of Hearts is dressed in a black and red outfit and includes a matching base. This figure is listed at $19.99.
KAUSTIC PLASTIC 1/6 SCALE SCHOOL OF POMPEII SET  This new gladiator set includes a new body and head, along with the accessories to make him a Secutor, a Retiarius or a Scissor. It is limited to 400 pieces and is priced at $144.99.
NFL SMALL PROS SERIES 01 - CASE, RANDOM SINGLE  McFarlane's newest NFL line is the smALL PROS. They are 2.5" caricaturized figures of some of the biggest names in the NFL, packaged in blind-bag packaging. The first assortment includes personalities such as Aaron Rodgers, Jason Witten, Troy Polamalu, Adrian Peterson and more, and has chase figures as well. We have them listed at $89.99 for a Case of 27 ($33 off the MSRP), or as Random Single Blind-Bagged Figures at $3.99 each.
WWE BASIC FIGURES SERIES 29 WORLD CHAMPIONS CASE OF 12  Mattel's latest assortment of WWE Basic figures includes three of CM Punk, two each of John Cena, Big Show, Steve Austin and Ultimate Warrior, and one of Eddie Guerrero. It is priced at $125.99, $9 off the MSRP.
MARVEL CLASSIC CHARACTER - X-MEN: #02 ANGEL  The second figure in Dark Horse's X-Men Classic Character sub-line is Angel. Done in his original look and the Syroco style, he is priced at $44.99, $5 off the MSRP.
LADY ARMAROID FIGMA FIGURE  Cobra's android partner is now the recipient of the latest Figma action figure. We have this figure listed at $54.99.
U.F.O. INTERCEPTOR MODEL KIT  This ship comes from Gerry Anderson's TV Series U.F.O., and will be great for fans of the show, and sci-fi modelers as well. It measures 20 cm long all together and is listed at $89.99.
GREAT WHITE SHARK 1/18 SCALE MODEL KIT  Pegasus Hobbies will soon be releasing a new 1/18 scale model of a Great White shark. It comes with two heads - open mouth and closed mouth - as well as a diver and a diver cage, and the whole set is listed at $39.99.
MASCHINEN KRIEGER 1/16 SCALE SNOW MAN ACTION MODEL 05  The folks at Sentinel have taken their SAFS Fireball body form and done something new with it. The Snow Man figure is done up in white with light blue details as well as a carrot nose and snowman face, and we have it listed at $109.99.
QUEEN'S BLADE REBELLION BRANWEN 1/4.5 SCALE FIGURE  This lovely lady is ready for battle with her sword in her hands, even though she has a (removable) ball and chain hampering her efforts. She also comes with a wooden display base, and is priced at 179.99.
MONOGRAM PAPERWEIGHTS, BUST BANKS, KEYRINGS  New Marvel and DC accessories are on their way from Monogram. Marvel brings two new light-up paperweights, Iron Man's hand releasing a repulsor blast and Thor's hammer in a stone base. Each has a light-up function and costs $29.99; we also have keyrings of Deadpool's belt symbol, the Punisher Skull and a Hulk Fist, with each priced at $5.99. In addition we have a whole line of DC Comics resin paperweight busts at $19.99 each, with Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, the Joker, Batman and Green Lantern available. Finally, Green Lantern is also available as a Bust Bank, priced at $15.99.
NEW WESTLAND GIFTWARE  Westland Giftware has announced a large number of new items for pre-order. These include new travel mugs, tin totes, water globes, nightlights, salt & pepper shakers, cookie jars and more from licenses like Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and Star Trek.

BATMAN ARKHAM CITY ACTION FIGURE SERIES 04 - SET, SINGLES  The fourth assortment of Arkham City figures has arrived. This one includes Batman, Nightwing, Talia and Deadshot and we have them priced at $20.99 individually, or $74.99 for the Set of 4, saving you $17 off of the MSRP.
TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS DELUXE SERIES 02 - CASE, SET, SINGLES  Ripclaw and new versions of Bulkhead, Starscream and Smokescreen comprise the second assortment of Beast Hunter Deluxes. The Case of 8 includes two of each figure and is priced at $114.99, while the Set of 4 includes one of each and is listed at $59.99. We have singles in stock of Starscream and Bulkhead as well, priced at $15.99 each.
MARVEL SELECT VENOM  This great new figure comes with four different heads for multiple display options and stands over 8" tall with 16 points of articulation. He also comes with a display base, and is priced at $19.99, $5 off the MSRP.
BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA #002 - 1966 TV SERIES BATMOBILE  The second release in the new Automobilia line is the Batmobile used in the 1966 TV series. It is done in 1/43 scale, includes an acrylic case with background and a magazine, and is listed at $19.99.
WAR LORD UT-W01 WAR HAWK  The first figure in Unique Toys' new War Lord gestalt has arrived. Like the original Divebomb, this figure becomes an arm for War Lord as well as providing wings for him; we have this figure listed at $74.99, saving you $25 off of the MSRP.
SCARLET WITCH 12.5" STATUE  Bowen Designs has just released a new statue of the Scarlet Witch. Her hands are held up in a gesturing shape as if casting a hex, and we have her listed at $229.99.
TOYNAMI RESTOCK - ROBOTECH MASTERPIECE  The first part of our recent Toynami restock consists of Robotech Masterpiece figures. We have the Maia Shadow Fighter Improved version at $59.99 ($20 off the original MSRP), with the Beta Fighter Volume 01 (Blue), Volume 02 (Red) and Volume 03 (Green) at $99.99 each (saving you $50 off each figure's original MSRP.
TOYNAMI RESTOCK - FUTURAMA FIGURES  We also received some of the waves of Futurama figures in this shipment. These include Sets of waves 04 - Nudar & Fry as Captain Yesterday, 05 - Calculon & Super King Bender, 06 - Leela as Clobberella & Amy Wong, and 09 - Wooden Bender & URL, and we have the sets listed at $14.99 - $16.99 per pair.
BEAST SAGA BEAST FIGHT COLLECTION ALJARO, MANTAREI, GUEREU  The new wave of Beast Fight Collection figures includes BS36 Aljaro (Armadillo), BS37 Mantarei (Manta Ray) and BS38 Guereu (Frog), and we have each figure listed at $7.99.
ROBOT DAMASHII LEO SPACE TYPE EXCLUSIVE  This version of the Leo Mobile Suit is upgraded with a backpack that contains rocket and vernier thrusters for space travel. it also comes with a beam rifle, and is listed at $79.99.
BATMAN KIT - BAT SIGNAL  This kit includes a working Bat Signal along with a 48 page booklet about Batman. This kit is listed at $9.99.
PAC-MAN MAGNET 28-PIECE SET  This set includes Pac-Man, the ghosts, power pellets and more to decorate whatever you'd like. It is priced at $4.99.

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