February 15, 2013

New Lego Ultimate Collector Series X-wing!!

Hi, Khai here with some new Lego news. Well, it looks like Lego is finally releasing an update to the original Ultimate Collector Series X-wing. Here's a pic of my original UCS X-wing from around 2000. It's still a great piece, but the improvements made for the new one are definitely where they are needed!!

Looks like there are improvements in the s-foil folding mechanism, which are definitely the worst part of the original. They are quite flimsy and need little supports at the base of the foils, whereas this new version has a great scissor like mechanism with opposite wings counter-balancing each other. Fantastic design!!

I'll stick with my original for sentimental value, but for those that missed out the first time, dont miss this one!! Here's the Lego video showing it off. Very nice!!

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