February 26, 2013

Heart Breaker Armour from IM 3?


Surfing the net with all of our spare time we have discovered another awesome looking suit from Iron Man 3. Again, this could be fan made but from all accounts its the real deal. From what I have found out its called the "heart breaker" suit and apparently is a mix of different suits. To me it just looks plain old bad ass!

Also on the grape vine it has been rumoured that the pics we saw last week of the Hulk Buster suit is actually dinky di! (It means true for everyone outside of Australia) That we will in fact see that suit in the new movie. With that being said, Fly and myself will need bigger toy rooms or to start selling stuff. I just hope Hot Toys comes to their senses (before we do) and decide to make all the new Iron Man Armours from IM3 in there MMS line and not just the Power Pose line. I can hear the cash cow, can you?

One last piece of Gossip for you guys it that we may actually see Pepper Potts in her own suit! Come on, it makes sense to me. Why should Tony have all the fun.

So anyway, I'm hanging out for May when the movie comes out, I'm selling my first born son to make room for new toys also. Stay tuned for more information, true or false, when it comes. It will be good to see what is true come May!

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