January 20, 2013

The TekSushi Podcast Episode 001; Has'blow' Iron Man 3, Not So Amazing Spider-Man, R.I.P Vonner, And GI JOE Hoe's

We launch our first TekSushi™ Podcast! Episode 1 could not have launched with a finer crowd. Long time friends from DorksideToys.com, FXfranz/chefatron and Ashrok1982. Follow then on their sites for great toys, humour and reviews.

Please note this show is rated for over 18 years only and contains some explicit language. 

You can enjoy the show by; 

  1. Downloading the AUDIO MP3 directly. An iTunes version will follow shortly
  2. Watch the VIDEO version above, or on YouTube
  3. Or play the audio with the Flash MP3 player below

TekSushi™ Podcast Show Notes Episode 1;

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