January 6, 2013

New Marvel Legends, Star Wars Classics, GI JOE Retaliation & More In Our @DorksideToyNewsletter

Whats in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at www.dorksidetoys.com 

STAR WARS @dorksidetoys.com Whilst the Build -A-Droid line has been cancelled and will be re-packaged in a yet to be revealed line and look, now is a great time to take stock of your collection. Fill the gaps with loose, carded and army builders, or figures you may have missed. There are still some real stunners in the vintage collection and Clone Wars to be collected. Great figures like the below are still available at great prices...
MARVEL @DorksideToys Marvel is in the house! Lots of new Pre-orders for Marvel Universe comic packs, single figures, and many more. You'll also find the New Marvel Legends, and the awesome Hulk Marvel Select.
GI JOE @DorksideToys.com   Lots of fresh GI JOE's in stock including some older awesome figures such as Low-Light, all ready to ship. Also GI JOE Retaliation wave 1 and BRAND NEW wave 2 IN STOCK!
ON CLEARANCE @DorksideToys.com  We have some great figures such as the, looking mighty cool on Vintage card, Odd Ball. Easily customisable and great for building pilot armies at only $5.99! Great GI JOE's, Marvel and more. Pick up a bargain today!
Mobile @DorksideToys.com Just head to our website on any mobile device where the responsive design of our store will display the correct version and give you all the full features! Works with all browser enabled smartphones. CONNECT WITH @dorksidetoys Get our latest updates, news, reviews and more on;
Happy 2013!
Team Dorkside www.dorksidetoys.com

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