December 8, 2012

Halo 4 Welcomes The Knight!


McFarlane Toys has posted some images and information for their upcoming Halo 4 Knight figure.

- Paint: original paint

- Scale: 9-inch

- Format: action figure

- Packaging: boxed

Standing at approximately 9 inches tall,The Knight figure towers over the Master Chief and the Spartan-IVs of the UNSC Infinity. This version of the Knight comes with the deadly Scattershot, the Forerunner's twist on the shotgun, mounted on its right arm, plus a fearsome energy blade on its left. In Halo 4, Knights have a special synergy with the Watcher support unit. Our Knight figure includes an opening compartment in its back that can be used to carry our Watcher figure (not included - available in Halo 4 Series 1) onto the battlefield!