November 11, 2012

Star Wars, Marvel, GI JOE & More All In Stock & Up For Pre-Order @dorksidetoys

News of whats in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at 

Hasbro deliveries have arrived at some locations but that last wave of The Vintage Collection is still making its way to us, but literally any day they will be in hand.
Last time for a good while to nab those oh so cool vintage carded figures; Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Nien Nunb, Aurra Sing, Lumat, Republic Trooper, Gungan Warrior, Weequay Hunter and The Emporer's Royal Guard.
Not fussed about the cards? We are one of the few places who open a percentage of stock and also sell loose figures. Particularly for many non US customers who want to maximise lower cost shipping .

Get in to another awesome line of toys you will! We love these Gentle Giant vintage figures, and Yoda is a great looking figure on that jumbo vintage Empire Striles back card. Also available for pre-order (get in quickly!) Rocket firing Boba Fett, and the Cantina playset.

Also up for Pre-order is a pile of brand new figures in the Marvel Universe line;
The Darth Maul, Nightsister & Savage Opress battle pack is popular, and with three great figures, the limited stock we have is selling fast. New Ewoks, AT-ST Drivers, Speeder bikes, and the Vintage collection x-wing pilots (and Porkins Astromech) are all in stock!
Marvel Legends plenty of fresh stock; Doom, U.S Agent, Steve Rogers, Punisher, Mystique, Neo Classic Iron Man & More!...
It's criminal that this amazing figure, on a Star Wars card is getting little love from collectors...Get in there for only $3.99 and pick up a carded Bom Vimdin and add to your carded cantina patrons now! We also have awesome GI JOE figures to clear from $3.99! Loads more available.  

Buying carded figures? Add some protective cases before you checkout. Keep those figures minty fresh!

 Looking for a friend or family members birthday, thanksgiving, or christmas gift? Give Grandma the hint, no more socks! Give a gift of choice and send a gift certificate in less than five minutes.
You can even order on your mobile device and send a personalised gift certificate straight to a friends email address. (Talk about last minute shopping!) Get that big kid (or small kid) in your family the gift of choosing from hundreds of figures in our GI JOE, Marvel, Star Wars and  more, range of toys and collectibles.

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Screenplay writer Michael Arndt confirmed for Episode VII?. The future of Star Wars looks good!

Team Dorkside