November 21, 2012

Mirkwood Elf Guards are coming to protect you! (and me)


In a forest near you, another LOTR/HOBBIT polybag has surfaced at Toys R Us in the USA. Mirkwood Elf Guard:30212 features a minifig that does not appear in any other Hobbit set! So if your a completest, then it's a must for Hobbit fans (and LOTR), minifig collectors and polybag aficionados. There's a Mirkwood elf in set:79004 but he doesn't have a dark green hood. Also he comes with the tree and barrel which is always nice to have extras when making Dioramas. (Ask Fly, he is the king of these!)

Now there is one issue for all of us International collectors. We all know TRU shop internationally now, they have decided to exclude us from this set so my bet would be to contact anyone you know in the USA to help or start saving your pennies for the eBay search. Happy hunting!

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