August 8, 2012

Hasbro Iron Man 2 Concept Series Hammer Drone HD Action Figure Review

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Where Tony Stark is a genius, Justin Hammer is devious. Every piece of advanced technology in the Hammer Drone is stolen from Stark. Unfortunately, that makes it a bigger challenge for Iron Man. Its weapons are designed specifically to tear apart the hero's armor to get at the vulnerable man inside.

Prepare to fight for the fate of the world! Throw your Hammer Drone figure right into the middle of the action — this villain has plenty of power to take on any of his foes.. When you've got his opponents in your sights, make your action figure wield his snap-in whips and "saws" to show them he really means business. Your Hammer Drone figure may be evil, but he might just have enough power to win the fight!

Figure comes with snap-in whips and "saws."

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