August 6, 2012

DC Direct Batman Arkham Asylum Series 2 Bane HD Action Figure Review

We reviewed this recently on our YouTube Channel and now a chance to share with others;

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Product Features
Based on the smash hit Batman: Arkham Asylum video game
Bane stands 6.75" high
Multiple points of articulation
Character-appropriate accessories
Each figure includes display base

It's a madhouse and the lunatics are running the asylum. After arriving on Arkham Island, Batman is greeted by Warden Sharp and security personnel. Although the Joker is securely strapped to a handcart for transfer to the deepest bowels of Arkham, he escapes nonetheless. This is going to be the worst night of Batman's life. With the Joker free, inciting unrest among the inmates, Batman faces a riot from a cadre of Gotham City's most wanted: killers and psychopaths who are screaming for vengeance and out for blood. Batman's blood. His mission? Stop the Joker -- and his accomplices -- at all costs. Welcome to the asylum. Arkham Asylum. Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2 Action Figures are based on the game designs of the "Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever." All four figures feature multiple points of articulation and include a display base. Character-appropriate accessories are also included. 4-color clamshell blister card packaging.

A massive veinladen figure clad in tattered institutional orange attire, Bane is encased in crude metal apparatus festooned with tangling acidgreen wires and hoses. Deprived of Venom, Bane is empowered he informs Batman and Commissioner Gordon that he has become a test subject of Dr. Penelope Young, in conjunction with Arkhams production of the powerimbuing substance, Titan, a derivative of Venom. The vengeful Bane is subsequently reconstituted when the Joker remote activates his (Banes) Venom intake, enabling him to disentangle himself and launch an attack against Batman.

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