June 14, 2012

Marvel Universe Falcon Series 3 Hasbro 013 HD Action Figure Review Courtesy The Epic @fxfranz

The awesome franz from team TekSushi takes us through a MU classic; Falcon.

Join franz and his ton of epic toy reviews at: http://www.youtube.com/fxfranz
Falcon was not born a hero. His rise to friend and ally of Captain America took hard work and a little luck. Ironically, it was the evil Red Skull who introduced the two men and imparted Falcon with the extrasensory ability to communicate with birds. Falcon can fly like a bird of prey by harnessing the power of advanced wing suits. His grace, skill and precision in the sky is unmatched by any human.
Figure Includes: FALCON with "Redwing" Bird and Display Stand
and is measured approximately 4 inch tall

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